Long Island Rail Road headaches persist for commuters, despite the promises of Hochul, and MTA The MTA New York Daily News

It appears to be yet another day filled with headaches for commuters using Long Island Rail Road. Long Island Rail Road.

The snarls in scheduling caused by an opening at the $12.7 billion Grand Central Madison terminal -delayed by ten years caused huge delays for riders this week.


This morning, Long Islanders heading into the city experienced little to any change, despite assurances from Governor. Hochul as well as MTA president Janno Leiber that service would be improved this week.

“This morning, I was late for my train by three minutes, and I had to wait for 25 hours,” Kim Domagala told The Daily News Monday evening as she waited for the train from Hewlett.


“They ought to put up chairs and tables there,” she added dryly and pointed to the mezzanine at the station.

“I understand that they’re trying to work out the kinks. But this is by far the most chaotic I’ve ever witnessed it.”

Domagala who works for the city of Long Island City, said she had missed every morning commute at Jamaica this week.

“I’ve been arriving at work at 9:30 and am expected to arrive at 8:30,” she said. “It’s been an absolute nightmare. They won’t even be waiting for you to come back.”

A dozen station employees dressed in bright orange vests walked the mezzanine Mondaymorning, informing commuters of tracks based on their location and helping them understand the new schedule.

An agent who had been warned not to speak to the media, claimed they also tried holding trains as long as they couldhowever, the number of missed transfers was high.

“I am just a little late to my train by a minute. I’ll have to wait for another 20 minutes,” stated Will Wilkerson, who was returning his home Valley Stream from Atlantic Terminal.

Jamaica Station

“It is a pain,” he said -however, he was hopeful. “It’s something new that’s bound to be figured out. the system out.”


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The delays are continuing following Hochul’s directive to the MTA to increase the number of cars on overcrowded trains and to increase the shuttle service in between Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn and Jamaica station — a move Lieber had suggested on Friday.

The shuttles that were working also worked however, they were older style the straphanger Rodney Scott surmised Monday

“They used all old train tracks to Brooklyn,” he said. “They took all dinosaurs to make this shuttle.”

“It does not matter,” was Scott’s stoic evaluation.

Jim Pieper, a public school teacher from Brooklyn He was more blunt.

“They’re taking advantage of Brooklyn commuters” the man said from an Kings County platform while waiting to get on the train to Amityville.


Pieper told me that his morning commute on Monday was slightly better than the previous weekHowever, he had not taken a train from Jamaica early in the morning, because it was too packed. “I do not know why they decided to do this in the first place to Brooklyn,” he said.