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(WNDU) (WNDU) – If you notice that you wake up with headaches early in the morning You’re not alone.

Based on the Sleep Foundation, one in 13 sufferers experience morning headaches.

There are four major kinds of headaches such as migraine, tension as well as cluster and sinus.

The treatments vary according to the kind of headache you suffer and how severe. Migraines can last for hours or even days, and may result in nausea and vomiting however, that’s not the most severe situation. It is possible to use medications to manage them, or just sit until it goes away. If the condition becomes too severe you should seek help from a professional.

It is possible to cause headaches by myriad of causes, including insomnia, caffeine deprivation or hunger, or even dehydration. To ease the discomfort, try using an ice cube and put it on your neck, forehead or scalp. It is also possible to try lying in a space and letting your brain be in a less chaotic state.

If a headache lasts for more than 72 hours it may suggest that you seek out a medical professional. Also, you should consult an appointment with a doctor if the symptoms of your headache change in any way, or if you require greater than your recommended quantity of pain relievers per day, or if naturally occurring bodily functions, for example coughing, sneezing or bending your body, cause headaches.

“They’re extremely common among people who are in the most productive years but, in other words, 20s, 30s, and 40s,” said Teshamae Monteith, MD, chief of the Headache Division Program at the University of Miami Health.

In addition, headaches early in the day can disrupt the rest of the day. The most common causes of headaches are sleep-related conditions like sleepiness, insomnia, and sleep apnea with obstruction. A study conducted in Poland found that more than one-third of people suffering from sleep apnea are prone to waking awake with headaches. A machine for C-PAP for treating sleep apnea could minimize or even remove morning headaches.

“A C-PAP is one of the most frequently used and efficient method of treating the more severe sleep apnea problem. It increases the pressure to the patient’s breathing passages to help stabilize their breath,” said Ryan Soose, MD, director of the Division of Sleep Medicine and Upper Airway Surgery at UPMC.

The grinding of teeth or clenching while you sleep can be a reason for morning headaches.

The grinding may result from an unnaturally designed jaw, stress or anxiety, as well as sleep disturbance. In addition, caffeine can trigger morning headaches. People who are used to drinking in excess of 200 milligrams of caffeine a day, which is equivalent to drinking two cups of coffee-may suffer morning headaches due to withdrawal from caffeine overnight. Once you’ve consumed your coffee, the headache will diminish.

Based on The Migraine Research Foundation headaches and migraines are the sixth most debilitating illness around the globe.

Over four million people suffer from chronic migraines. The treatment for migraines is available, however there isn’t a cure.

There are however clinical trials being conducted across the nation.

There’s an example of this: an ongoing clinical trial to treat migraines within Pearland, Texas that is studying the effectiveness of atogepant, which is a kind or oral medicine that block the natural substances within the body that cause migraines. The study is using this medication to stop migraines from occurring. The criteria they’re looking for is the presence of migraines and failed oral medications as well as treatments, and a record of between four and 14 migraines every day. Another study is also being conducted located in Sherman Oaks, California conducted by the California Neuroscience Research facility. They’re testing the efficacy of the drug being studied in treating migraines. The duration in the research is 36 week with as many as 13 visits for the participant.

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