Migraines can be relieved by eating oily fish salmon

Eating a diet high in oily fish like salmon can help relieve migraines.

Excessive coffee or alcohol consumption has long been linked to the occurrence of migraines, but a new study found that those who consumed more omega-3s – found in oily fish like salmon and mackerel – had fewer headaches had.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina looked at 182 people who had migraines for up to 20 days a month. They were assigned to one of three diets with varying amounts of omega fatty acids for 16 weeks.

Experts believe the results brought them “one step closer” to a “migraine diet with solid results.” Omega-3s are precursors to molecules that regulate pain and inflammation, and experts believe the results have brought them “one step closer” to a “migraine diet with solid results”.

According to the British Medical Journal, “this study provides biologically plausible evidence that pain can be treated by changing diet in humans.”

“Collective results suggest causal mechanisms involving the 3 and 6 fatty acids [pain regulation] and open the door to new approaches to treating chronic pain in humans. “

In an analysis of over 100 published studies, the researchers found that numerous drug classes provided good evidence for relieving the pain of ongoing migraines.

Some of these treatments have only become available in the last few years and offer new options for migraine sufferers who are not adequately relieved from traditional on-call services.

Dr. Rebecca Burch, a neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, said, “It’s great news that there are now many effective treatments.”