Monsoon migraines in the Borderland are real and can be painful

EL PASO, Texas – The monsoon season, which runs from June 15 to September 30, has more of an impact than just the storm damage we typically see each year.

Weather changes, e.g. For example, when the environment becomes more humid, drier, warmer and windier, as well as changes in pressure, are triggers for migraine headaches in some people.

This year’s particularly wet season caused problems for border resident Sofia Matos, who says the rainy weather caused her very serious migraines.

“I literally cry sometimes because my migraines are so bad,” she explained.

Amaal Sterling, professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic, explained how changes in weather can trigger migraines.

“It’s really the change. Any kind of change in someone’s external or even internal environment – like changes in hormones and then the external environment – like changes in air pressure and even changes in temperature – ambient temperature. These types of changes can often be a Be triggers for people with migraines, “Sterling said.

Weather conditions cannot be prevented or changed, although we wish it could many times in our lives. And for those who suffer from weather-related migraines, this time of year can be very tough for them.

According to Sterling, doctors can prescribe preventative medications to be taken at the first signs of a migraine, which is good news for those whose migraines are triggered by changes in the weather.