My headache could be due to a brain tumor? 7 headaches that you might have to consult a doctor regarding -

We all suffer from some headaches from time moment, and usually not something to be concerned about. However, how do you know whether the headache is due to something more than just a minor headache?

A lot of people with an especially severe or frequent headache might wonder if the problem is connected to a tumor in the brain like.

While it’s important to see your GP if you are worried, speaking ahead of Brain Tumour Awareness Month in March, Dr David Jenkinson, chief scientific officer at The Brain Tumour Charity (, stresses that while headaches can be one of many symptoms of a brain tumour, it is uncommon.

“Brain tumors are extremely very rare, but the impact on patients who are diagnosed is extremely devastating, and being aware of symptoms is vital,” says Jenkinson, who states The Brain Tumour Charity runs the Better Safe Than Tumour campaign to raise awareness.


Today we announce our latest campaign for signs and symptoms to educate and motivate individuals to take action if they suspect that they be suffering from an brain tumor.

– It is the Brain Tumour Charity (@BrainTumourOrg) June 6 2022

3. Headaches that are worsened when you cough or move

If your headache becomes more severe after changing your body position or when you cough, Woodman says there could be a root issue which needs to be addressed So, make the appointment of your physician.

4. Headaches that get worse in the early mornings

“Headaches connected to brain tumors usually get worse at dawn,” says Jenkinson. “They are also more severe when one is sitting down or leaning forwards because it is related to head position.” In the event that this happens to you, make an appointment the office of your GP.


5. Headaches that start following a blow to the head


If you’re experiencing headaches after striking your head or having an accident, you could be suffering from a concussion or another issue that must be examined quickly, for example, bleeding. “It’s crucial to be checked in the event of injuries to your head,” Woodman stresses.

6. A headache that is accompanied by nausea, fever and vomiting

Other symptoms that warrant immediate attention are a headache that is accompanied by nausea and fever rigid neck or rash or an sensitivity to light.

Not only that, Woodman warns this could be meningitis. It is a serious condition that requires immediate medical care.

7. A headache that is accompanied by nerve symptoms is not the only one.

If you experience headaches in addition to nerve symptoms, it could indicate stroke, according to Woodman. “This could include dizziness, weakness, rapid loss of balance, falling, or signs of a clot or bleeding within the brain, like difficulties speaking or comprehending speech,” Woodman explains.