From Dr. Vincent Karuhanga

I have a lot of pain in the left side of my head. This (pain) doesn’t stop until I vomit. Sometimes I have to forcefully induce vomiting by running my fingers down my throat to allow the pain to subside. Are there any anti-vomiting medications? James Bond

Although vomiting headaches can be associated with serious medical conditions such as a brain tumor, unilateral headaches associated with vomiting are usually caused by a type of headache called a migraine.

Migraines, as much as they can run in families and affect women more than men, have triggers such as stress and anxiety, alcohol, especially red wine, hunger, flickering lights, loud noises, and lack of sleep, among other things. It is important to identify the triggers and manage them in order to contain the headache.

It’s also important to see your doctor to rule out other likely serious causes of your headache, rather than waiting for the vomiting to happen on your own, or even causing it.

There are drugs that are used to induce vomiting, but they are not a known treatment for migraines and are therefore not required to treat your condition.