NEW HAVEN (WTNH) – Elizabeth Potenziani has suffered from migraine headaches ever since she was a young child.

Potenziani, 27, said that she can recall having migraines when she was 7 years old. “Being light-sensitive and wanting to be in the dark, just the pain.”

She tried several medications over the years, but continued to suffer and was unable to do things that most people take for their granted.

She was referred to Dr. Mayer Joshusa Hasbani of Hasbani Neurology by her pediatric neurologist when she was in college.

Hasbani is board-certified as a neurologist, headache medicine physician and a headache specialist. He said that new drugs have been on the market for the past three year and are showing results.

He said that these new medications are very popular because they have a good side effect profile and are well tolerated.

Some magic mushrooms contain ketamine and/or psilocybin.

“I understand that there is a percentage of patients who respond to the medication who have not responded previously to other medications. We’re excited to read those publications,” said he.