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Headaches are among the most prevalent conditions of the body’s nerve system, with more than 60 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches and migraines as per the American Academy of Neurology. Many sufferers say that this disorder can cause permanent disabilities.

Each room in the clinic is outfitted with a green light source, which has been proven to reduce the symptoms associated with headaches, as well as sensitivity light, and anxiety.

To expand the services offered to San Diego residents suffering from headache-related conditions, UC San Diego Health has established a brand new multidisciplinary center , which will offer specific treatment for the conditions, as well as the long-term side consequences of brain trauma.

The brand new Headache Center at UC San Diego Health is located in Sorrento Valley at 4910 Directors Place Suite 250, San Diego, CA 92121.

“Ten percent of all primary care visits are devoted to headache and migraine, and a lot sufferers require specialized treatment to alleviate these symptoms” stated Nina Riggins, MD, PhD, neurologist and specialist in headaches within UC San Diego Health, and the director of the newly-established center. “In the partnership with primary care, women’s health neurosurgery interventional radiology spine and pain specialist as well as others, we’ll assist patients suffering with debilitating, severe headaches, using specific therapeutic approaches.”

Patients will be able to access both outpatient and inpatient treatments Neuromodulation devices, nerve blocks trigger point injections Sphenopalatine blockage of ganglions, Botox, otoneurology, infusions, integrative medicine like acupuncture, and various other treatments.

“At this center patients will receive the same integrated range of care across specialties which might otherwise need to be managed separately,” said James Brewer, MD, PhD, director of the Department of Neurosciences at UC San Diego School of Medicine and a neuroologist within UC San Diego Health. “This center will use UC San Diego innovations to the treatment of patients suffering from headache, and will educate new generations of physicians to utilize this innovative approach to cross-specialty treatment.”

An inter-disciplinary team of surgeons, physicians, clinical clinicians nurses, nurses along with other professionals will be on hand to each patient. Each room of the clinic is equipped with green lightthat has been proven to reduce the symptoms associated with headaches, as well as sensitivity light, and anxiety.

“From the lighting choices to music options the center was carefully and thoughtfully designed to offer a wide range of treatments and services for patients suffering from headache disorders,” said Christopher Kane, MD, CEO, UC San Diego Health Physician Group. “Our health center continues to grow its services and expand places across San Diego County so our patients have easy access to our exceptional teams to meet their health needs for the future.”

Nina Riggins, MD, PhD specialist in headache and neurology is director of the new center.

The Headache Center at UC San Diego Health is also the center of excellence for education and research in head injury and headache. The current clinical trials involve studies of new drugs, including the calcitonin gene-related blocking peptides.

“We know how difficult it is to live with chronic headaches and I’m so happy that we are able to offer our patients and the community with the most cutting-edge treatments and care of headache-related disorders in UC San Diego Health,” said Riggins. “This center can be made possible because of the partnership with our primary care physicians and with this multidisciplinary approach, we can be able to achieve the best outcomes to those we treat.”

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