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(HealthDay) osmophobia is widespread in patients with various migraine subtypes and also occurs in some patients with tension headaches, according to a study published online on Sept. 13. Headache and Pain Journal.

Marianna Delussi and colleagues at the University of Aldomoro in Bari, Italy, have unforeseen migraines, migraines with aura, or chronic migraines tension-type headaches; Cluster headache. Prescribed subcohort of migraineurs Prophylactic treatment He was also selected and visited after 3 months of follow-up.

Overall, 37.9% of patients reported osmophobia (444 with osmotic phobia and 726 without). The researchers found that patients with various migraine subtypes had an osmotic phobia, but not those with transient tension headaches and cluster headaches. Headache patients with osmotic phobia had longer headache duration, increased anxiety, depression, allodynia, and headache severity. Tension headache patients with osmotic phobia were more likely to have headaches and anxiety. After 3 months of treatment, 711 migraine sufferers were visited. Similar changes were observed in the main migraine characteristics in patients with and without osmotic phobia.

“During the present study, the prevalence of osmotic phobia in migraines confirmed patience. It also demonstrated its presence in chronic tension-type headaches, with chronic headaches and anxiety,” the authors write.

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Osmophobia prevalent in patients with migraine headache