Prevention of summer migraines |  WDVM25 & DCW50

WASHINGTON (WDVM) – It is officially summer and while many residents are willing to have some fun in the sun, others suffering from what is known as “summer migraine” may want to avoid certain triggers.

Many people often say that their headaches worsen during the warmer months of the year. According to the Mayo Clinic, hot weather can cause an imbalance in brain chemicals, which can lead to the throbbing pain of a migraine.

Intense heat and solar radiation also play a role in this summer migraine. Therefore, it is very important to always stay hydrated on warm days and wear hats or umbrellas if you plan to stay outdoors for long periods of time.

“For some people, only the heat seems to be the main factor, but for other patients, the brightness of the sun is the trigger for the pain. Many migraineurs experience the seizures solely because of the photosensitivity medicine.

Experts also say that during the warm days when people are outdoors, dehydration can be a factor in developing migraines, so be sure to stay hydrated at all times.