Preventive treatment for migraines may be available soon

A preventive treatment for migraines is currently in the clinical trial phase. The results were published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Migraineurs may soon experience relief. American researchers are currently studying the development of preventive treatment. The idea? To reduce the occurrence of this debilitating headache. A daily intake of Atogepant, currently in the test phase, appears to be effective for a period of 12 weeks according to the results published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Phase 3 results are promising. The researchers administered this treatment to 2,270 adults with migraines. In this group of people, migraines occurred between 4 and 14 days per month. The researchers tested three different doses of Atogepant: 10 mg, 30 mg, or 60 mg.

The results showed a different decrease in headache depending on the dosage. Specifically, the researchers observed a decrease in migraines of 3.7 days with 10 mg Atogepant, a decrease in migraines of 3.9 days with 30 mg Atogepant and a decrease of 4.2 days with 60 mg Atogepant. Note that a 2.5 day reduction in migraines was seen with the placebo.

As for side effects? The researchers reported cases of constipation in about 7% of the participants and nausea in 4.4% to 6%. Two severe cases should also be mentioned, one developed asthma and the second optic neuritis.

For further refinement, the atogepant treatment has to be subjected to longer tests. The research teams have not yet communicated a date for a possible market presence. This treatment is funded by the Allergan company.