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HYDERABAD: Headphones have become our BFFs. We use them to focus, to switch off, to avoid interactions, to overcome a heartbreak and to take them with us wherever we go. But prolonged listening to music through your headphones can have a huge impact on your long-term health.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi, an ENT doctor, has received a high number of cases from people who suffered from ear problems during the pandemic. She advises rationing your listening time through headphones. “Listening to music at high volume through your earbuds or headphones affects your ears first. The hearing limit of the ears is around 90 decibels, which drops to 40 to 50 decibels with consistent use of headphones. Before long, noises from afar could be inaudible and lead to deafness, ”she says.

The electromagnetic waves emanating from earphones and headphones have a strong effect on the cerebrum, which directly affects your mind. Headaches caused by wearing headphones for long periods of time can turn into migraines. These headaches are caused because headphones put pressure on your ear by creating a vacuum of air. These headaches feel like the ones you get if you haven’t had enough water to drink.

Dr. Sumalatha, a general practitioner, says that she has no fewer than five to seven complaints a day. Not only the homeworkers but also students taking online courses suffer from regular headaches. “The number of complaints on some days was incredible. Young children taking online classes had severe discomfort not only due to excessive screen time but also from using headphones to play at high volume.

It is definitely not recommended to use headphones for long periods of time. Even when wearing these headphones for a long time, it is advisable to take breaks again and again if necessary, as direct noises on the eardrum are very harmful. Extended use of headphones won’t be a problem now, but in the long run you will have a lot of problems with your eardrum and your sensory abilities will decline. Continuous use of headphones can also affect the brain and other parts of the body, ”says Sumalatha.

Tips on using headphones

  • Avoid using headphones for long periods of time

  • Try headphones with headphones

  • Always set a volume limit

  • Go for noise-canceling headphones

  • Never sleep with headphones on

  • Keep adjusting your headphones to relieve pressure on your ears

  • Take regular breaks