Selma Blair 50, who has been in the business for a long time, confesses that she was a drinker during middle school to help problems with headaches -- Daily Mail

“It was self-medication,” says Selma Blair 50, who is now a widow, admits she took alcohol during middle school to ease headaches. headaches… years prior to her MS diagnosis.

Selma Blair didn’t have a great time as a young girl.

In the current magazine SELF Magazine she shared that she was plagued by such severe headaches during the middle of school, that she took large amounts of alcohol to combat the continual discomfort.

The 50-year-old actress with MS revealed that the idea of self-medication.’ The actress added that it helped. It relieved pain like none other till the following day. added.

Speaking out: Selma Blair did not have a great time when she was a kid. In the latest edition of SELF Magazine she shared that she had such severe headaches at the middle of school. She consumed large amounts of alcohol to manage the constantly aching pain.

The actress is known by her role in movies such as Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions however, in the past few years, she has become a persona for disability advocacy in Hollywood.

In the year 2018, Selma has been diagnosed as having MS and finally found an answer for her persistent issues, which doctors for a long time believed to be malnutrition, depression or that she was simply faking it.

“I was overwhelmed by a feeling of relief. It was like how you feel when waves of the ocean break right at the shore and then takes the person beneath,’ the actress added.

She is currently in remission, which means that the disease has stopped developing, and she’s “stopped losing her abilities,” however she must manage the issues.

I’m much better now, however, it still haunts my cells. It’s there. A few people awake two years later, and they’re looking like, “I’m healed! Colors are better!” However, I haven’t was in that state. I was able to stop having regression.’

Her moment: The 50-year old has been diagnosed with MS in the year 2018 and was received with a feeling of relief after discovering what was the root of her chronic illness for a long time.

The beauty also spoke about how she’s become an active advocate for accessibility and inclusion in the entertainment industry , and how she became even more popular after her appearance in Dancing with the Stars in 2022.

She was initially approached by her long-time friend and fellow DWTS Coach Sasha Farber about being his partner on the show she laughed at it, but when he wrote her a touching note and asked her team members to get them to join her, she decided to go for it.

She told her parents: ‘I believe I require this. I believe it’s crucial for those suffering from chronic illness or disabilities to look at what they can accomplish. I’m entitled to have fun and have a go at.’

Etherial: She discussed the ways she self-medicated from an early age, and that at the age of seven she drank at first to alleviate the physical pain she was experiencing.

After having worked on the show Selma said that it had caused her to seriously consider performing in the same way for the first time since her last appearance However, the thought of it also brought the realization that her return to screen would not be as easy as it was prior to her diagnosis.

“It requires lots of effort. I’d like to say “Oh I can employ me. It’s not a issue! Here’s my checklist of items I’ll require, and they’re not just M&Ms.” The question is how do we ensure there’s a railing everywhere? If there’s a railing I’ll figure out a way of lifting the leg properly. Without it, I’m confused, balance-wise.’

She then spoke about the way she came to realize that there’s no rule book regarding who may solicit which items on sets for film.

There’s a range of abilities for people. Absolutely. You are exactly what you are, and that needs to be accommodated.

It’s so easy to realize that people think they’re a burden and that takes away from your job. It makes it difficult to focus on your rights to be there as everybody other person in the scene. We need to get used to this. Let’s create this into our bases camps.’

When she began using her cane publicly and appearing on major awards shows, the actress realized that her presence could be a reason to warrant changes to the norms of the industry.

“It’s not only so that someone in the room will climb up to. It’s also so that the viewer at home is able to accept that the kid who is in the wheelchair or braces or who has cerebral palsy or whatever it is that causes them to feel different from those who can bounce around with their heels be on the screen.’

Worker woman: She was in Dancing with the Stars in 2022. She was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Competition Contestant in 2022. She was also spotted in the People’s Choice Awards in December

Noteworthy: Selma became known in Hollywood for her performances as a character in Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions as she appeared performing onstage at the People’s Choice Awards with her Cruel Intentions costar Sarah Michelle Gellar

She added: ‘It’s as if I could think about this. It’s built into me that I’m able to imagine this. There’s a way to allow me to climb up.’

The Sweetest Thing actress expressed her opinions on the importance of public recognition in the business both in an interview with the magazine’s cover as well as in her memoir, Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up.

I always tell people that visibility is important for disabled people she added. “Well, visibility is important to everybody. It’s important to prove you’re still around.’

Love: Blair posted an image on her Instagram of her with the service dog Scout which has been with her for several years. Scout’s job is to notify Blair when he feels she’s becoming fainter or she’s required to take her medication.