Six Surprising Causes for headaches - ARP

First step: to prevent. One method to decrease your frequency headaches is to determine the triggers. Stress, stress, and hangovers are among the most frequent triggers. Below are some of the most intriguing headache causes.

1. The scent of paint, perfume or gasoline

People with migraines tend to be more sensitive to several senses, such as the senses of smell, sound, and sight. This is why the scent of paint, perfume or gasoline may trigger migraine. The brain of migraine sufferers is sensitive to all sorts of bodily and environmental changes including extreme weather, alcohol , specific foods, or certain hairstyles. “It’s not the case that those who suffer from migraines have just an underlying trigger” states Rami Burstein Professor of neurology and anesthesia of Harvard Medical School. He says that when someone suffers from frequent headaches their brains become accustom to and influenced by extreme environmental changes like weather or sleep too much or a lack of sleep. Every deviation from the regular routine of events could trigger the sufferer of migraine into an attack. That is even the most insignificant of events could trigger.

To relieve the pain: Burstein suggests that people who are prone to migraines discover any way to get rid of typical triggers. Some people could include requesting — and pushing for an office fragrance policy that bans the use fragranced products.

2. Weather patterns

A shift in atmospheric pressure or barometric pressure (such as altitude) could trigger a headache attack due to changes in the brain area that regulates the sensation of pain. External pressure fluctuations can affect the pressure in the sinuses and in the inner ear and trigger a greater sense of pain in those who are susceptible to such sensitivities. The gray skies, the high humidity, increasing temperatures and storms are all common pressure changers. Many complain that the summer conditions can trigger migraines as per The Mayo Clinic. The glare of sunlight, high humidity extreme heat, and dry air can be causes. Dehydration can also trigger headaches.

To relieve pain: Keep a headache or migraine diary. Jot down any changes in weatherlike storms that rain, winds or an increase in humidity. If you can establish a connection between weather and migraines it is possible to treat them using the appropriate treatment.

3. Foods aged and fermented

In some individuals there are instances of tyramine which is a naturally occurring chemical found on aged and aged-looking cheeses, fish that has been smoked bacon, and cured meats as well as certain varieties of wine and beer, is believed to cause migraines. Tyramine has been used for a long time as an excuse for migraines caused by diet however, research isn’t conclusive. There are a few sufferers with headaches have been affected by the tyramine. Not only are triggers from food uncommon, they’re also intermittent. “When food causes migraines it’s not always consistent, often yes , and other times no,” Burstein says. Brandes has discovered that, for her patients the main trigger for triggers for migraines from food or drinks is alcohol.

To ease the pain: If you do believe that there is a link between migraine and alcohol in play, take note that alcohol, particularly tap or home-brewed beers, vermouth, red wine, sherry, and some liqueurs contain high levels of tyramine. Check if switching to white spirits, such as vodka, gin, or rum can lessen the migraine trigger. If this doesn’t work try limiting or eliminating alcohol.

4. Hairstyles

A ponytail that is simple, French braids, cornrows and a tight wig headband, or a tight topknot all cause stress on your scalp. Since migraine sufferers are sensitive and irritable, a headache from a ponytail that gives an entirely new significance to the term “bad hair day,” is due to the scalp being oversensitive.