Staffing shortages in pharmacies are causing headaches for residents of the area - CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) The local pharmacies are altering their hours as a result of the shortage of pharmacists and is creating serious issues for patients who require prescriptions.

Many of us have visited their nearby Rite Aid, expecting the pharmacy to be open, but it was either closed or hours were reduced back and they were left in a rush to obtain prescriptions.

Problems with staffing at pharmacies are frustrating those who require prescriptions or vaccines.

Adam Causgrove was supposed to take a booster shot to boost his covid in the Rite Aid in Mt. Washington over the Saturday, but the Rite Aid cancelled the appointment.

“It was set for on Saturday, but just an hour before the event was over, I received an email stating that the event was cancelled. I learned that it was because they didn’t have anyone to administer shots” Causgrove said.

Andrice Williams has had problems getting her prescriptions filled.

“More than one time, when they claimed that prescriptions were prepared, they weren’t and I would typically give them another one day” Williams said. “Because they were not able to fill the prescriptions with enough staff and they only have two employees who are working back there.

Rite Aid in Mt. Washington has announced that the pharmacy will be closing on Tuesday. The notice said that they’re altering timings due to the availability of staff.

Another sign indicates that the pharmacy will be closed an hour earlier on every Monday to Friday.

Additional Rite Aids in Pittsburgh have the same announcement and include the Rite Aid in Banksville.

The text reads: “In addition to filling prescriptions, we’re also filling out many covid-19 tests and vaccinations and are also experiencing the effects of our nation’s labour shortage.”

“This is my preferred pharmacy so anytime me or my child require something, this is where we go. I’m hoping to find a solution because I don’t want to travel when I don’t have to.” Causgrove added.

“I do not want to sit in this manner, as people have a lot to do,” Williams said. “If it gets really bad I’d go to a different pharmacy.”

We contacted CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens to determine whether they’re having similar issues with staffing and we haven’t received back.

Walgreens’ website shows that a lot of their stores in our region are closed on Saturdays and Sunday.