Steelers roster players who are likely to create some of the biggest headaches in 2022. Curtain

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some weak link in their starting team, and these players will create stress for fans throughout the 2022 season.

It’s 2022 and the NFL season isn’t even starting off, but fans are already considering how the weakest link within the Pittsburgh Steelers roster could potentially keep us back this season. There was a lot of good things from youngsters during the summer, both in training camp as well as the preseason. Unfortunately, some players don’t appear to have made a leap towards the new season.

Sometimes, Pittsburgh is only going to be as strong in the weakest spot and I’m worried that the players in this group could be exposed too frequently in 2022. Here are the players that will surely bring the greatest headaches to Steelers fans this season.

Devin Bush will be given ample opportunities

I’ve been hoping for a positive outlook concerning Devin Bush ever since his ACL surgery in the year 2020. I actually enjoyed Bush’s tape quite a lot after his release from Michigan. But, I’m afraid that we’ll have to get on the right track here. Whatever the reason, Bush isn’t playing with the intensity and tenacity I adored about his game. Even with elite athletic testing results, Bush rarely puts them to use, and is content the ball coming to him rather than tackling.

We saw a lot similar things in Bush this summer. In the three game preseason, the player was rated out as the worst player either side of the field as per Pro Football Focus. Although he did make one impressive fourth-down stop during this preseason game, I believe we can anticipate him to perform the same way as he did last year.

Dan Moore will be infuriating at times.

I was not averse to that Dan Moore Jr. selection in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. But, I think that he should have been a swing tackle who was developing in the first two seasons instead of being left to the wind to protect Pittsburgh’s blindside left tackle.

Moore has the athletic and length that teams seek at left tackle. However, Moore had some very bad performances during the preseason, particularly in the area of pass protection. If he doesn’t make the next step during his second year, Dan Moore is going make fans shed their hair sometimes due to how fast Moore will be smacked on the edges from time to the other.

We do not wish for Arthur Maulet to see the field frequently.

Arthur Maulet doesn’t have youth and upside like the other players in this listing. Although I like his work close to the line of scrimmage, and in the run defence, Maulet has proven to be a liability when it comes to coverage when playing football.

In his last year, Maulet allowed 13.4 yards per reception and 10.1 yards for each target during his coverage in the advanced statistics obtained from Pro Football Reference. It shouldn’t be the case in the primary role of protecting the slot. The 119.0 passer rating that is allowed when covering the slot will make him a target easy to target when he’s playing. It’s unlikely that this will change in a flash at the age of 29. He’s been rated as one of the poor cornerbacks in NFL during back-to-back seasons, and hasn’t been a great player at any time in his career.

The Steelers offensive line is not performing as it should. Steelers offensive line

I’ve already highlighted one offensive lineman I think will be the weakest link in the OL in 2022. However, the offensive line in general has been unable to complete a lot of tasks in the preseason and I’m worried that this will happen in the regular season as well.

Kevin Dotson struggled with run blocking during the preseason of 2022 Kevin Dotson struggled with run blocking, and Moore, Mason Cole, and James Daniels each had their own share of sloppy repetitions. We’re hoping for an improvement in this young group as the season progresses forward however, the OL in general will cause us a lot of anxiety this year.

There are others that are likely to make some tough choices this season and make us want to know more. However, I believe it’s fairly safe to predict they’ll give some of us with the greatest headaches throughout this season in 2022.