Student 22, who was told her headaches were due to anxiety was given a the most devastating diagnosis Manchester Evening News

A nursing student was handed an unsettling diagnosis after being told that her symptoms could be caused by anxiety.

Bridie Wilson, 22 first saw her GP in April, after she began experiencing headaches that she was advised were likely caused by anxiety and stress. But the headaches were not going away and became worse with symptoms of dizziness , and having a clumsiness that was unusual.

Five months after, Bridie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The nursing student in her final year from Bradford and Bradford, told ECHO : “On Saturday the 17th of September, I awoke with my friend Harry and I sat in bed and the whole room was going around me.

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“I got up and needed to lie back to the ground as the room spun around me. I was hesitant to visit the hospital as I wanted to enjoy a great weekend. I was working the entire week. Therefore, I visited the hospital and they took care of my issue very quickly.

“We were still planning to return home to enjoy tea. I sensed something was not in order and an ophthalmologist was looking in my direction, and I had learned from my experience in the field of healthcare that it’s not an ideal appearance.”

Two weeks earlier, Bridie had been researching her symptoms on the internet. She stated: “I’d searched on Google for two weeks prior to the time I experienced the intense headache. I’d informed my mother and Harry that I had a brain tumor and they told me ‘don’t be stupid, it’s stress’. Little did I know I was in the right place at that point.”

Bridie and her boyfriend Harry

Bridie discovered she had a brain tumor on September 17 and was required be waiting until 22nd September of September for her surgery due to Queen’s funeral. After waiting for four days she was transferred to LGI and there she was to undergo an operation lasting 11 hours to remove the tumor on her brain.

The procedure was successful, leaving just about 2mm of tumor and the bed of tumour. Bridie said: “There were so many dangers that came with it, and it is always a question of “how am I going to be able to recover from it? However, I was extremely lucky and I had an extremely successful operation.”

After her operation was completed, she underwent occupational and physiotherapy sessions to help her walk once more, and after 11 days, she was able to return home and get her body back to normal. Bridie stated: “I was over the over the moon to return home so that I could continue my recovery.

“A examination of the lumbar puncture proved that there isn’t any signs of tumors or cancers present in my cerebral fluid , or spine so I’m able to receive the proton beam therapy. A date has been fixed to begin on November 1 We’re waiting for another few treatments before I can begin my radiotherapy. It’s an effective treatment, so I’m hoping that I’m lucky to will live to the fullest and live to the age of.”

Prior to beginning her treatment Bridie along with her boyfriend, Harry Louch, will be taking on the shave on the 28th of October by shaving off their hair to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Bridie declared: “This is a charity which is close to my heart. The work and help they provide and do is truly amazing and provides an oasis of light in this dark journey.

Bridie wants to go back to her nursing studies

“Since I learned that I was going to lost my hair I was certain that I wanted to donate it to charity. The last thing I wanted was for the loss be caused by cancer. I was very insistent regarding this. I wanted to have it in my own terms and I wanted to turn it towards something constructive. Now, instead of being due to cancer, it’s due to cancer and isn’t going to remove it from me.”

Bridie expressed her gratitude to Harry as well as her family for all the love and support they have shown her throughout this difficult time in her life. She stated: “It really is amazing and I can’t say enough thanks to them for being there for me. It makes things a little bit easier, because you do not feel as isolated.”

In addition to her fundraising to benefit charitable causes, Bridie wants to raise awareness about cancer and urges people to consult their physicians and seek treatment in case they’re not feeling or are not feeling. If you’d like to come and donate to Bridie’s fundraising, click here .

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