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WESTON, Florida. – The symptoms of migraines increase with the summer heat.

Dr. Nestor Galvez, a neurologist with Cleveland Clinic Weston, said he sees a sharp increase in the number of migraine sufferers who arrive during the summer months.

“Changes in air pressure, humidity, heat lead to some kind of chemical change, hypersensitivity changes in the sinus area that induce the migraines,” Galvez said.

And since dehydration can play a role in migraines as well, Galvez said it’s important to drink plenty of water during those hot and hot days.

Exercise helps fight prostate cancer

Also in today’s health news, a Canadian study shows that rigorous exercise not only benefits heart health, but can also slow the progression of prostate cancer.

The researchers said the results could empower prostate cancer patients in better physical, functional, and mental health for any future medical interventions they may need.

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