There are a few things to consider if you suffer from headaches that are chronic, and women are the most affected.

Finding out what the estrogen situation is can be difficult as it changes in a whirlwind of a minute, and monthly. It is affected if you use hormone-containing medicines like hormone replacements or consume water bottles made of plastic often.

Estrogen can be a moving target! However, we know that taking too much or not enough can cause chronic, painful headaches for women at the prime of their lives.

It’s clear that estrogen levels play a huge role since the greatest rate of migraines is seen in women aged between 20 to 40 years old. Studies on animals have concluded that excess estrogen particularly “estradiol,” causes nerve sensitization. That means your nerves are more sensitive and sensitive! Researchers go as in stating that estrogen increases cause chronic inflammation due to the cytokine storms that increase your perception of pain. You might be tempted to take an analysis of your blood to determine levels, but it isn’t always the case because it’s only a snapshot when they draw your blood. To avoid this, I suggest an urine strip test, such like “DUTCH Comprehensive” to determine exactly how your body’s metabolism works. own hormones, or the ones that you are taking. The tests at-home are available at doctor’s offices or to purchase from my Vitamin Shop.

A different research (done on mice) suggests that an estrogen deficiency is the cause. I’d like to place the scientists in an office, and say, “C’mon people, make your decision now and stay here until you determine whether you’re dealing with high or low estrogen!”

The levels of estrogen are important, but the issue I encounter repeatedly is that doctors don’t often prescribe it in conjunction with progesterone. I am of the opinion that both hormones must be used together. Progesterone hormone is a tempering agent for estrogen you produce or consume! I’ve written a guidebook titled “Headache Free” that’s available on Amazon If you’re looking for assistance with headaches.

For other triggers for migraines and headaches (I refer to them as “migrenades”) There are numerous! The smell of perfume is one of the most common. Another type of migrenade is magnesium deficiency. It increases the risk of migraines, headaches, tension headaches , and leg cramps during the night. There’s a lot of research into this. Restoring magnesium could be the number. first step to get your levels back in the event that you’re deficient and can assist those who suffer from it to lessen the severity of headaches and the frequency. A few things you can try include using an ice pack or an over-the-counter painkiller. If my hair is pulled back in an up-do I suffer from headaches! Vision is important to check since if you require glasses, but you don’t have any right now, you’ll be more susceptible to headaches. Also, chronic sinusitis and hayfever can make you more susceptible to headaches.

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