The 28-year-old mother from Liverpool died of a brain tumor after symptoms such as migraines

Her husband has pleaded with people to have symptoms checked (Image: Liverpool Echo)

A mother of two in her twenties died of a brain tumor after a doctor initially dismissed her symptoms as “migraines only”.

Hettie Galway first went to a family doctor in 2017 after developing a severe headache that left her bedridden for days.

The episodes would make her dizzy and sick, leaving her with blurred vision and incapacity for work.

She was eventually diagnosed with an aggressive grade 3 brain tumor after receiving CT and MRI scans prior to surgery in 2018.

Despite chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she was told there was nothing more that could be done and died in April at the age of only 28.

Her husband David shared about the family’s heartbreak to encourage others to have symptoms checked early.

He told the LiverpoolEcho that they spent their final months hanging out with their kids Daniel, 6, and Epona, 4, but things got tougher last summer.

Hettie Galway and family

The mother of two was in her mid-20s when she first developed symptoms (Image: Liverpool Echo)

Hettie Galway and family

She had to get a second opinion before her condition was finally diagnosed (Image: Liverpool Echo)

David said, “Towards the end of last summer she began to have difficulty walking and balance. Eventually she used the wheelchair – it was really a slow, humiliating process. “

He urged anyone who feels that a doctor is dismissive or still has concerns to get a second opinion in order to have the best chance of detecting a tumor early.

David described the tragic course of her illness: “The way I see it, it wasn’t really fair for her to lie in that hospital bed all day every day and not eat or drink.

Hettie Galway

She underwent extensive treatments and surgery, but the tumor continued to grow (Image: Liverpool Echo)

Hettie Galway and family

Her symptoms appeared to be severe migraines to a GP when she first called (Image: Liverpool Echo)

“In my opinion she is at peace. I just had to keep doing it for the kids at the end of the day. ‘

Now the single father is transforming himself into a personal trainer and is starting an initiative to help the bereaved through physical exercise.

He admitted that after Hettie’s death he had constant binge eating and became more and more exhausted.

The program – – is in “early development” but will eventually become available to people who want to manage their grief.

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