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The malfunctioning air conditioning units can result in headaches for tenants KAIT


JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) With temperatures exceeding triple digits and many looking for ways to combat the heat.

For those who reside at Cedar Park Apartment Complex Cedar Park Apartment Complex, this is much more straightforward than accomplished.

The extreme heat in apartment buildings are caused by problems with air cooling units. The issue has become to the point of making it difficult for residents to do their regular chores.

“We clean dishes and appear like we took an entire shower due to all the sweat.” stated Kennette Robertson. “It creates a mess, and you don’t want to do anything. It’s physically draining.”

Robertson isn’t the only one who is battling the issues.

James Lauderdale saw his house become dangerously hot, which was a problem for his daughter.

“She was required to visit the doctor as she was vomiting,” he said. “We were unsure of the cause, but I’m thinking that it’s simply too hot inside the house , and my neighbors are suffering from similar issues.”

Robertson stated that she’s discovered a variety of places to stay since it’s too hot to rest in her home.

“It is a pain that it is so sweaty,” she said. “I need to go to my son’s home so that I can rest at night and I still have to pay for rent in this house.”

The property manager of Cedar Park said they have been aware of the problem and added that whenever there is an issue with maintenance the property manager sends out an team to fix it.

She also advises tenants to go to their office from 12-3 p.m. and make an inquiry if they are experiencing issues with their air cooling.

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