However, she is not yet satisfied with the advice. If Koelewijn has his way, more people should be entitled to compensation. For this reason, today I started a collaboration with Hoofdpijnnet, a network for people suffering from migraines and other chronic headaches, to request a change in conditions.

Because Koelewijn gives other patients the same relief through medication. Before the inhibitors were used, her life was very different. “In the days before the attack, I had difficulty concentrating, got angry easily, couldn’t find words and had a tingling sensation on one side of my body in my tongue and fingers.”


When the attack started, Koelewijn suffered from severe headaches and vomiting and was sensitive to light and noise. “And you have no idea when it will stop.” After this attack she was exhausted. “So if you did that a few times, you’d be busy all month.”

We live in a dark world, says Quillwin. “Migraines are so much more than just a headache. It’s a genetic, neurological disease that makes it almost impossible to counteract because you never know when you will have another attack. “

NOS op 3 previously made this special as you will feel for yourself what a migraine attack might feel like:

“Coffee fanatics. Friendly zombie lover. Dedicated pop culture practitioner. Evil travel advocate. Typical organizer. “

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