The Spine & Sports Health Welcomes New Entrant to the Hudson County Practice

Living a pain-free life is often taken for granted until we are injured or develop symptoms that make regular tasks challenging. The Spine and Sports Health Center is a medical practice specializing in the non-surgical treatment of spinal and joint pain. Handle everything from Back and neck pain to Sports injuries, Headaches, and even abdominal pain, the experts at The Spine & Sports Health Center dedicate every day to patients to resolve pain points and enjoy life again. Read on to learn more about the practice and their newest addition, James Redondo, DC.

Health solutions in the Spine & Sports Health Center

With locations in Hoboken, Jersey city, and Bayonne, The Spine & Sports Health Center has Hudson county covered. The practice takes time to observe and listen to each patient while the latest diagnostic technology is used to develop an accurate diagnosis. Each treatment plan is personalized, combining the most effective and least invasive options to meet the patient’s needs, preferably non-surgically.

For those who have back, neck, or any type of joint pain, the Spine & Sports Health Center can help. With an emphasis on the correct diagnosis, the medical team works to solve the basic problem rather than just treating the symptoms. The practice even offers virtual consultationsso that patients can meet with doctors from the comfort of their own home.

Meet James Redondo, DC

The newest member of The family of the Spine & Sports Health Center, Dr. James Redondo, is a certified chiropractor with decades of experience helping patients relieve back pain, neck pain, and everything in between. When Dr. Redondo suffered a painful soccer injury when he was 22 years old, and after consulting a chiropractor, he was able to find relief. He was so enthusiastic about the positive effects that he decided to start a career in Chiropractic self.

He joins the Spine & Sports Health Center as a chiropractor in their Hoboken office to see patients of all ages and backgrounds with all kinds of pain points.

“The youngest patient I fitted was 7 days old. The entire birthing process can be violent for the baby during birth. So my job is just to check the spine and make sure everything is in line so it doesn’t cause problems down the line, ”said Dr. Redondo. “The oldest patient I looked after was 94 years old, so I saw quite a few.”

In addition, Dr. Redondo noted an increase in headaches and migraines over the past year, likely due to prolonged exposure to digital screens, at a time when many people are working from home. “One big thing we’re noticing is an increase in headaches and migraines, which has to do with working from home and in front of the screens all day,” said Dr. Redondo Hoboken girls. “With Chiro alone we have great success with headaches, neck pain, Shoulder pain, Migraines, breathing or digestive problems – whatever – it could be a spinal problem. A simple adjustment can make a big difference, especially with lower back pain. “

While most people associate Chiropractic with treatment for only Back and neck pain, it can offer so much more. Proper personalized chiropractic care can relieve persistent headaches, increase energy levels, improve posture, and result in greater overall wellbeing.

Dr. Redondo is a lifelong resident of Bayonne and deeply appreciates the diversity of the community. “A privilege we experience in Hudson County is meeting different races and cultures and being accepted by all. it’s like no other. Having this ability to see all the different races, religions and cultures and to accept everyone is what makes Hudson County something special. “

Services from The Spine & Sports Health Center

Potential patients should consider making an appointment for a consultation if they have neck or back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, knee pain, shoulder pain, headache, or any other type of joint pain.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or call (201) 535-2474 with questions about your first visit.

the Hoboken Office located at 720 Monroe Street, Suite C208; the Jersey city Office is located at 121 Newark Avenue, Suite 300; and the Bayonne The office is located at 764 Broadway Street.

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