This sleeping position is the best for those who suffer from Headache The best way to relieve headaches is by sleeping in this position. LifeSavvy


Headaches can be the most painful, however, what makes terrible headaches worseworse is the difficulty to sleep with a headache. There must be some magical sleep position that can aid you in falling asleep when you suffer from headaches!

In the end, there is a suitable sleeping position to avoid headaches.

Diana Shadbehr, DO, Director of the Headache Clinic at Cedars-Sinai spoke to Well+Good and advised that people suffering with headaches should discover the best sleeping position that ensures the neck as well as spine straight.

Therefore the ideal posture for relieving headaches is different for each person however the aim is the same: align the neck with your spine. Although the exact position may differ (and it is important to be aware of any previous sleep problems, such as sleep apnea) There are a few that you shouldn’t do.

When you lie on your stomach, it could result in neck strain and pain and many find resting with their back or on their side is the best alternative. In order to get in the right posture, you should use pillows that support naturally curvature in your neck as well as spine. It could be a pillow that is shaped to your body’s form, but it must offer support in order not to put strain on your body.

The process of getting better sleep is something of a science So don’t be dismayed if you must try various positions, pillows and even supports until you discover your ideal, customized sleep pattern for your needs.