To get immediate relief from a pain, consider these five oily substances instead of painkillers Health shots

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When our stress levels increase day-to-day as does the risk that comes with headaches or migraines. Instead of sipping hot tea and taking painkillers, we can opt for an easier, more natural, and fragrant option: Essential oils to treat headaches!

Essential oils are extracted extracts of plants that can benefit our health. They basically capture all the “essence” of the plants, in terms of their aroma to their benefits to health. “One of the most effective uses of essential oils regardless of how you choose to use them to relieve headaches, is. Inhaling essential oils may be the solution when you suffer from severe migraines or a burning headache,” says Ayurveda expert Dr. Chaitali Deshmukh.

How can the smell of essential oils relieve headache?

According to studies some people’s headaches diminished after applying lavender and peppermint essential oils on their skin. A study found no distinction between acetaminophen and the use of peppermint oil for relieving discomfort.

Dr. Deshmukh describes, “Essential oils immediately enter the limbic system that regulates blood pressure, heart rate breathing, stress, and heart rate by stimulating the receptors for scent. Certain oils trigger bodily reactions that lessen anxiety and stress as well as promote relaxation. All of this could help reduce headaches or migraines.”

Here are five essential oils that can help ease headaches:

1. Lavender oil

The most important of oils, lavender oil can be used to treat a range of illnesses because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. “It is not a surprise that the research shows the efficacy of this relaxing scent when used with massage or gentle pressure to reduce stress. This could cause tension within muscles of the back as well as neck muscles. In one report lavender could be beneficial in treating migraines,” says Dr. Deshmukh.

Lavender oil can be a great remedy for your headache issues! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Peppermint oil

The oil of peppermint comes from the plant of the same name that is found mostly throughout Europe in addition to North America. Dr. Deshmukh advises, “The menthol in peppermint oil may help ease tension and headaches and make you feel calmer and calm overall. Peppermint oil can help cleanse the sinuses and decrease symptoms in the event of headaches caused by congestion or allergies.”

Peppermint oil provides a cooling effect that helps unwind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Lemon oil

The peels of a lemon the oil can do miracles to ease migraine. “When you experience any kind of headache or tension however, they want to remain awake, the lemon oil may be used to lift the mood as well as to help induce a calm state of mind” Dr. Deshmukh explains.

Try lemon oil for relief your discomfort. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Oil of Chamomile

It is likely that you have heard of the relationship between chamomile tea and relaxation, and it’s only natural that the oil could be used in the same manner. Dr. Deshmukh says in Health Shots, “As a result of its ability to relax muscles, chamomile is able to assist in relieving headache-related tension. Roman is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in relieving anxiety and stress.”

5. Oil of Rosemary

Rosemary oil is more than great for hair but also for the environment. The stimulant benefits that rosemary oil has are similar to those of eucalyptus , or peppermint oils. It can be beneficial to headaches due to its ability to aid in relieving pain.

Apply the oils on your skin or make them an oil diffuser or even add them to your daily bathing routine to reap the advantages!