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The winter weather can cause travelers headaches at Logan

CHALLENGES at LOGAN AIRPORT Some passengers REPORT being stuck on the TARMAC for HOURS. AntoiNETTE: OUR MATT REED IS in LOGAN, with the HADACHE for travelers. MATT: WE SAW A LOT of nervy travelers at LOGAN Airport this morning. Looking to make it out of BOSTON BEFORE the SNOW Arrived. Unfortunately, just before the sun was even higher than 50 flights IN and OUT of LOGAN HAVE BEEN cancelled. DELTA Airlines Seeing the Most cancellations this morning at around 6:00 AM. With AIRPORTS CROSSING THE NORTHEAST being impacted by the storm For the passengers who did make it out on the right time, there was a feeling of relief knowing that they had been LUCKY in this one. As the temperature climbed just above freezing. >> I’m a little nervous, I’ve got a PRETTY long layover in ATLANTA BEFORE I GO ON THAT International trip to San Francisco, and then PUNTA ARENAS. So I’m hoping that everything will be fine. > I COMING to this location from MINNEAPOLIS and my PLANE was canceled after a entire blizzard. I’m not worried about the possibility of snow returning. MATT: One of the early morning travelers who visited Logan today was none other than the Hall of Fame the petty thief PEDRO MARTINEZ. I ASKED PEDRO IF HE HAD TIME FOR A QUICK INTERVIEW BUT HE SAID HE HAD TO MAKE SURE HE HAD ENOUGH TIME TO CHECK HIS BAG AHEAD OF HIS FLIGHT. For anyone flying out today, ENSURE you give yourself plenty of EXTRA time. Also, make sure to check that the flight is on time.


The cold winter weather causes traveling headaches at Logan

The anxious travelers at the Boston’s Logan International Airport arrived early Monday morning, hoping that their flights would not be delayed due to the rainy weather.

The anxious travelers at the Boston’s Logan International Airport arrived early Monday, hoping that their flight was not delayed due to the wet weather.