11 Cube Pillows That'll Get You Thinkin

Review that is promising:“I was awake at 3 a.m. shifting and tossing after a long day of school My neck was stiff and my pillow wasn’t helping. I went to Instagram and found this product on the list of recommended products and decided to give it a try. It was the night that it was available I laid my head on to the bed and fell asleep with my partner for the very first time for a long time. I slept amazing the next night, also for the first ever, I didn’t wake to the sounds of the train as it arrives in the morning. My husband was convinced that I had lost my mind in sleep! As a sleeper on the side I’ve finally found a pillow that is supportive of my neck the manner it requires to be. The neck soreness that I had to carry around every day has gone away, and the pillow is cool all night as well. My husband steals it in the morning to place it on his lap when studying. It’s no surprise that I’m no longer able to do the toss and turn.” Reviewer

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Also, we have body pillows to give you a hug at night!

Source: BuzzFeed.