Neck discomfort? It’s more frequent than you believe. Although you may immediately look at your posture when working or at home, it could be due to poor sleep habits. If you’ve tried to correct your posture at work and elevating your computer up to eye level but you’re still suffering from discomfort, it’s time to find other solutions. Try pillows.

Have you ever considered that sleeping posture can impact your whole day’s levels of pain in your neck? When you sleep, your body is at its most relaxed therefore it’s vital to ensure that your neck is properly supported and not overstrained. It is good to know that there are numerous pillows that were designed specifically for this purpose. They are usually made for people who sleep on their backs and have an inclined part for your neck. If you place your head on the pillow, you’ll feel the firmness from the cushion directly against your skin, ensuring it doesn’t rely on your neck muscles to hold your neck in place. It will take the tension and pressure off your neck, which will allow you get a better and restful night’s sleep. To assist you with your search, we’ve talked to several physical therapists as well as doctors to provide you with the best 12 neck pillows. Because getting an uninterrupted night’s sleep isn’t a problem for the neck.

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Best Contoured Pillow

Deep Sleep Pillow

This neck pillow offers the ideal support for your neck, but not too soft or too rigid. In fact, the pillow gently wraps your neck, allowing you to sink into the most restful sleep.

2. T-Neck Pillow

The mattress wizards at Tempur also offer a fantastic selection of pillows. The most notable is their Tempur-Neck pillow. It has an unique design that offers you adequate support and comfort conforming to the natural shape of the body.

3. 3


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It’s usually the soft and soft pillows we love, but can cause neck discomfort. With the pillow you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort in exchange for support.


The Most Popular Support

Dream Art Contoured Memory Foam Pillow Ergonomic Cervical Pillows

This neck pillow is created using memory foam, which means that it will mold to your own personal style. It is a distinctive shape that is designed to suit the shape of your shoulders, neck, and the head.


Most Excellent Of All

Dosaze(tm) contoured Orthopedic Pillow

The neck pillow supports the neck and head form and allows your spine to be perfectly in alignment. If you wake up you’ll experience little or any pain.

6 Marlow Pillow

Brooklinen’s Marlow pillow is constructed from memory foam containing 80 percent with 20 percent polyurethane. This gives the perfect balance of relaxation and comfort. You can also alter the firmness using the zippers that are on the sides!


Best Value

Therapedic(r) Classic Contour Memory Foam Side and Back Sleeper Sleeper Pillow in White


This is not just an affordable alternative, but also is highly recommended by physical therapists, too. “Patients suffering from neck pain will love this pillow due to its being solid and comfortable. The curvatures help keep the neck into a neutral position while sleeping on on your back or side depending on the position you choose,” say physical therapists Christine Lew and Michael Camacho.

8. Foam Pillow

This pillow comes with not only full support for your head and neck but also a unique temperature-controlled technology. The three foam layers help to ensure you are comfortable and supported while you sleep asleep in a blissful sleep.


Amazon Bestseller

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is with a unique shape. It is nevertheless one of the top sellers on Amazon. We suggest that you check out the numerous rave reviews including the one below: “I’m usually a side sleeper However, thanks to this pillow I can now sleep comfortably in any way I want now! It’s great.”


For mild pain

Micro Bead Pillow

Deluxe Comfort

Perhaps you’re looking for to make a small indent into the middle of your pillow, to support your head. This pillow is especially great for those who sleep on their sides. If the pain in your neck is only minor, then this pillow at a reasonable price is perfect ideal for you.

11. GhostPillow Memory Foam

If you think the source of your pain is neck pain, this pillow from GhostPillow could help you solve your issue. It adapts to the body’s temperature in real-time so that you can enjoy an individual experience when you sleep.


The Coolest Pillow

Core Down Alternative Pillow [Firmness: Medium/FirmCore Down Alternative Pillow [Firmness: Medium/Firm


You’re tossing and turning, always trying to find what’s the “cool” aspect of your pillow? This pillow is made from traditional cotton, but is infused with technology that keeps the temperature at all times so you can relax to a peaceful sleep.

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