4 Stretches Created for those who sit all Day Today,

Achy, stiff and sore? Elena Ricardo from Str*tched, an exercise studio located situated in New York City, joined TODAY’s hosts to show them stretches specifically designed to ease discomfort and pain.

Try these 4 exercises specifically designed for those who are sedentary all day long

Even if you don’t hold an office job, you’ve likely felt the stiffness and pain caused by sitting for too long, whether that’s driving, watching TV , or doing work by hunching over your laptop. These exercises are excellent to ease the pain in the shoulders, neck, and hips result of sitting for too long.

There’s no need for props for these exercises However, you might require some. All of them can be performed sitting or standing, so you might need an exercise mat and a chair. The final stretch is best performed with an accomplice, so bring an accomplice if you can!

Elena Ricardo shows TODAY anchors how to use this Trap the Trapp*r. Nathan Congleton TODAY

TheTrap Tapp*r

The stretch targets the trapezius musclesmuscles located in your back of the neck as well as shoulders that allow you to move your shoulder blades and it can be done standing or sitting. It’s ideal to ease lower back or neck pain, while improving posture . It’s especially helpful if you’re sitting at your desk for the entire day long.

How do you perform the Trap Tapp*r

  • Begin by placing your arms against your chest. Then place your put your hand on your shoulder to the side.
  • Place your hand on your shoulder, then down your back. Assist your elbow gently.
  • Stretch at a constant speed for two seconds. then return to neutral and repeat 10 times for each side.
Elena Ricardo shows TODAY anchors the “What’s up neck” stretch. Nathan Congleton and TODAY

The “What’s Up neck” stretch Stretch

This stretch targets the neck muscles in front that extend up to the throat, as well as couple with the chest. It’s beneficial and helps improve your posture as well as alleviating neck discomfort. This stretch is perfect for anyone who uses texting — which is pretty much everyone or thinks they are suffering from an aging neck and may need an extra lift.

How to perform the “What’s Up Neck” Stretch

  • You can stand or sit in a chair while keeping the back aligned and feet are flat in the air.
  • Place your fingers along your jawline under your chin. Then, roll your head backwards gently. Help gently to stop the movement by using your fingertips.
  • You can also apply the other hand that is placed on your chest/clavicle region to increase the force.
Elena Ricardo shows TODAY anchors how to perform The Twisted Triangle. Nathan Congleton/ TODAY

The Twisted Triangle Twisted Triangle

This stretch canargets small, more deep muscles of the hip. It can help improve the hip’s rotation and “resetting” the pelvis and the hip. Try this exercise if you’re suffering from stiff hips, or back discomfort. This stretch is made for desk-bound people, or those who commute frequently.

How do you make the Twisted Triangle

  • Place one ankle on the knee opposite.
  • Your hip should be rotated so that your knee is pointing towards the floor. Use your hands to help.
  • Do a stretch at a constant speed for two seconds. then return to neutral and repeat 10 times for each side.
Elena Ricardo helps Al Roker open his chest.. Nathan Congleton/ TODAY

The Chest Open*r

This stretch is focused on the upper body — particularly the shoulders! The stretch is that targets the pectorals. The stretching of these muscles can counteract the forward-leaning of shoulders, and helps improve posture. It relieves tension in the shoulders, chest and neck. It is also beneficial for those who sit at their desks all day, or lifting weights that are heavy on the upper body. This is a fantastic stretch for anyone looking for relief from stiff shoulders. It’s difficult to focus on this region on your own, which is why this is the ideal stretch to practice with a partner , especially after you come home in the evening after working for a long time.

Elena Ricardo shows Craig Melvin the Chest Open*r. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

How do you perform the Chest Open*r

  • Sitting with your partner in front of them, sit down. Let them join their hands over their heads.
  • Place your hands on their elbows. Gently pull them back to feel them feeling a challenging , but non-stressful stretch.
  • For a few seconds, hold the position for about 2 minutes before helping them move their elbows forward, and repeat the exercise 8-10 times.


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