5 Yoga Poses to Help Neck pain A Guide to the Quint FIT

1. Extended Triangle Pose

This is a traditional standing pose that doesn’t require an exercise mat. It could help relieve backache, sciatica, and neck discomfort. It assists in relaxing your spine as well as your hips and groin, while also strengthening your chest, shoulders, and legs. It can also aid in managing anxiety and stress.

This pose targets muscles like the latissimus drisi, gluteus maximus, the internal oblique the medius muscle, hamstrings and quadriceps.

  • Keep your feet straight and put your feet 4 feet from each other.

  • Your right toes should be facing toward the forward direction, and your left toes must be placed with an angle.

  • Move your arms to parallel to the floor , then put your hands downwards.

  • Lean slightly forward and then hinge your right hip to bring forward your torso and arm.

  • Hands to your leg, onto a yoga block, or on the floor.

  • Slowly move your left arm toward the ceiling.

  • Take a look up, forward, or down.

  • Repeat the same pose on both sides and then hold the pose for one min.

2. Pose of Cat-Cow

The cat-cow posture is a simple, gentle posture that incorporates backbends and aids in mobilizing the spine. The pose can help stretch your shoulders, torso and neck.

This yoga practice concentrates on different muscles like the erector Spinae, the triceps muscle, rectus abdominis gluteus maximus.

Follow these steps:

  • Get on all fours.

  • Your wrists are placed under your shoulders. Your knees will rest on your hips.

  • Be sure to keep your weight evenly distributed across all 4 legs.

  • Breathe in , and gaze up. Let your stomach sink towards the mat.