Like many women, might be searching for exercises that alleviate neck discomfort. You’re looking for something that will give you a great workout, but not aggravate the issue.

Pilates are just one of many exercises that are able to help. It’s usually regarded as moderately impact and easy for the entire body which makes it ideal for those who are weak in joints or are recovering from injuries. If you’re just beginning pilates and wondering how they can ease the pain in your neck learn more about it here.

The Best Pilates Exercises to Help Relieve Neck Pain in the Upper Part

Here’s an overview of six of these exercises:

1.) Side Leg Lift

Aside leg Lifts are a standard Pilates exercise that builds your core, increases stability and ease neck pain.

Relax on your side and place pillows or bolsters in between the knees. Bend your knees and pull them toward the chest. Keep your shoulders and head on the floor while your lift one foot off of the ground one at a time.

Keep this position for a few seconds before dropping it back down to do the same exercise on the other leg. Continue until you’ve completed 10 reps per side (or the number of repetitions you find suitable). Similar to all of these exercises, make sure your hips are aligned with each other to ensure they don’t slide into or outwards in this exercise. This helps to keep stress off your spine.

2.) Rolling like a ball

This exercise will help you to stretch out your spine and relieve tension in your upper back neck, shoulders and neck. It helps improve circulation, decreases headaches and improves flexibility.

Here’s how:

  • Begin in a position of lying flat on your back while keeping your knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Slowly raise one leg at a time , keeping the pelvis and shoulders level on the floor as far as is possible (you can put pillows on top of them if you want to).
  • Begin by bringing both legs together and then roll on each one of them. You’ll be pushing them upwards to chest level, breathing normally until they’re fully extended with your heels touching the ground behind your head.
  • Repeat the process five times on each side , before repeating the entire process five times more to get the greatest results.

3) Scissor

The exercise known as the scissors can be described as a core pilates strength move that targets your glutes, as well as the sides of your thighs.

Here’s how:

  • Lay flat on your back lying on your back, with your legs straight and your feet close. Bring one knee bent, and bring it back towards your chest until the sole of your foot is completely flat against the ground, however, keep your heels parallel to one another.
  • At shoulder-level with arms with palms facing forward push your body into the resistance band handles and then lift your hips off the floor until your body is in an uniform line from the head to knees.
  • Maintain this position while pulling your abdominal muscles together.
  • Begin to slowly lower the hips toward the floor, bending knees as far as is possible without permitting heels to lose contact with the ground.
  • Get hips back to their starting point by fully extending knees while the resistance band handles remain in contact with shoulders for the duration of the exercise to complete one repetition.
  • Repeat 10 times after switching sides and then repeat the sequence on the opposite side.

4) Teaser

This exercise is beneficial to ease neck pain because it stretch the muscles of your neck and increases their strength. When you practice this exercise correctly, it helps in increasing oxygen flow in the neck and increases muscle tone.

This exercise is to be completed:

  • Place your feet on the floor and keep your legs spread out in front and knees bent at 90 degrees angle.
  • Put both hands behind your head with your elbows wide apart. Press into them to release the shoulders.
  • Gentlely gently pull back towards your head until there is a feeling of stretch between your shoulder blades.

For repetitions 2 sets of 15 reps

For Sets 2 . Sets (30 seconds of rest between)

For weekly times: Between 3-5.

5) Mermaid Stretch

Do this exercise:

  • Place your body back on the back by keeping your arms close to your sides, palms facing upwards. One arm should be lifted upwards and then lower it over your head. Relax your legs until they’re bent slightly.
  • Breathe deeply and exhale through your nostril for five breaths, allowing each breath to be released from your belly into the air.
  • Lower your leg so that you can start the first phase in this stretch.
  • Keep both legs bent and slowly press down until you feel a great tension in the hamstrings of both (back of the thighs).
  • Keep the pressure for 10 seconds at a time , before taking the pressure off.
  • Six times repeat, with each foot resting on top another.

6) Pilates Side Bend

Here’s how:

  • Place your head on one side and place an under-head pillow and then place your feet down on the ground in an upright position.
  • Move your upper body to the left, then reach out to the side of your mat using your arms in the highest position you can.
  • Keep it for five seconds and then keep breathe deeply through the entire movement.
  • Repeat six times per side.


Pilates is among the most effective exercises you can do for those who have experienced neck pains in the upper region.

The pilate exercises discussed above are excellent for strengthening your muscles as well as improving the flexibility of the area that is causing you discomfort. They can also assist with other issues , like headaches or migraines.

Q. Do you enjoy Pilates?

edited by Bhargav