When it comes to getting a an optimally comfortable and high-quality night’s sleeping, many individuals focus only upon their mattresses (which is indeed extremely important)–but finding the most comfortable mattress is equally important. The kind of pillow you select has a significant impact on the way you feel when you wake up exhausted or rested and rejuvenated. If you’re in the latter category, it’s not a small issue; sleeping less can cause a decrease in cognitive performance and weight gain as well as other problems.

Since each of us is unique and unique, it’s essential to select a pillow that caters to your individual requirements. Considerations like whether you’re a stomach, side or stomach or back sleeper and whether you suffer from allergies or neck pain, will all affect your choice to purchase the right pillow.

Pillow styles are also different in terms of material and sleep technologies and sleep technology, which could affect the price of the purchase. While this is a good thing, since you’ll find less expensive alternatives available but you’ll probably sacrifice the comfort and quality. This is why we’re focused on getting the most value from an item that provides the best quality and comfort, built to last.

Below, find our choices for the most comfortable pillows in 2022.