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For the majority of us, keeping a good posture is one that is taught from a young age. For example, phrases like “stand in a straight line” or “stop sitting down” are routine reminders for children however many of us don’t listen to our parents’ instructions. If you spend long hours at a desk, or hunched on a laptop or laptop, a slouching, poor posture — as well as all the negative effects that accompany it — may appear to be a normal aspect of modern-day life unless you’re equipped with a fantastic posture corrector! Find out how this gadget can help reduce neck discomfort as well as improve posture.

How to improve posture

In addition to back and neck back and neck pain, poor posture may cause several health risks that you may not be conscious of. According to research conducted the Harvard Medical School, all that slouching could cause unexpected health issues like constipation, incontinence, heartburn and a slowing of digestion. What is the best way to get rid of a lifetime of poor habits? For many it is in one of top posture correctors currently available The UPRIGHTGo Posture Corrector ($79.94, Amazon).

The handy device can be put directly on the upper spine. In order to function, it has to first be calibrated in order to recognize your individual upright and slouching position. After having it calibrated one tap at the beginning of your day will enable this small electronic device to emit an occasional vibration whenever it senses that you are reverting back to the calibrated “slouching” posture, and then reminding you to straighten yourself in real-time.

When used in conjunction with the When used in conjunction with the App, UPRIGHTGo not just tracks your progress, but also creates an exercise program that gradually improve your posture with 92% of users reporting improvement in their posture in just two weeks!

The reviews will speak for themselves: “After a few days using the device as well as the app, I’m able to declare that I have noticed a significant change in how I stand. I’ve am also noticing that my back discomfort getting better,” shared Amazon customer Kashia. “The device itself is compact enough and discreet (I can wear it underneath many shirts and at working). The app is easy and extremely user-friendly and has helped me be aware and comprehend my training.”

A customer was able to describe how the device was life-changing as it has reduced the painful headaches they experienced due to their posture. “It is very effective -I certainly notice the difference in the strain on my neck and headaches on days that I utilize it and days that I don’t use it,” the reviewer wrote in her review, adding “Besides Botox, this is likely to be an effective methods I’ve found to lessen headaches.”

With its user-friendly design and rave reviews, this little piece of technology will get you “upright” within a matter of minutes. We hope it will ease the pain in your neck and headaches also!

Learn from us If you’re eager to put the lazy days behind you by adding the UPRIGHTGo posture trainer into your daily routine might be the ideal solution.

Where to purchase:$79.94, Amazon

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