Wife shares story what you should know
  • In the latest Facebook post the Dance Moms actress Abby Lee Miller reflects on being paralyzed from neck down because of Burkitt lymphoma.

  • In the year 2018 the 56-year-old woman was admitted to surgery in an emergency due to what was thought as an injury of her spine. However, doctors found a tumor.

  • Since since then she has made significant progress in physical therapy and is now working towards walking independently.

It’s been four years since

Dance Mom


Abby Lee Miller took steps unassisted, let alone did a plié. The 56-year-old is still recovering from the affects of Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma that doctors discovered during an emergency back surgery in 2018.

The star was reflecting on her life-changing moment on Instagram. “Today the 13th of April is the anniversary of the first time I walked,” she wrote in the caption of her post. “In horrible pain I made it to the office of a doctor and over the hill to the hospital to undergo a sedated MRI … the techs were forced to take me off the machine after 15 minutes as my legs and arms were fluttering around in a rage!”

For some background, up to this point, Miller was experiencing unproven neck discomfort. In 2020 Miller revealed to Entertainment Tonightthat she went to six doctors over 10 days, and they claimed didn’t pay attention to the symptoms. When she finally had an MRI the scan was too to late.

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“Over the next 24 hours, my blood pressure plummeted from 23 to 17. my kidneys started failing and I began to be completely paralyzed from neck down,” Miller wrote on Instagram. Miller was admitted to an emergency surgery due to what was believed as a spine issue however, doctors found and removed a cancerous tumor in the area that caused “choking” her spinal column, as she wrote in a previous blog post and that’s the reason she isn’t able to walk by herself even today.

The good news is that Miller continues to make progress with her physical therapy. She “walked through the weekend” with a walker in an earlier Instagram video. Most importantly after having additional operations and 10 rounds of chemotherapy using a spinal tap Miller is now cancer-free.

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“It is only right to film today the final portion of my own documentary, discussing everything that has took place in my life… Coming to you in the near future,” Miller concluded in her blog post. “Thank everyone for your prayers and continued your support.”

Burkitt lymphoma can impact the jaw, the bones of the face and bowel, kidneys and ovaries, and in some instances, can develop onto the central nervous system as per the Lymphoma Research Foundation. The foundation says that due to the fact that it’s extremely painful, the diagnosis is usually an medical emergency “requiring urgent hospitalization and prompt treatment.”

We’re very happy that Miller was finally able to receive the right treatment We wish her all the best in her healing process.

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