April's neck pain is the inspiration for a new venture Liverpool Business News

Attorney for properties April Bradbury suffered severe neck discomfort and her search for relief has led to the creation of a new Merseyside “somatics” business that specialises in helping people to overcome their muscle pain. Tony McDonough reports

April Bradbury, founder of Synergy Somatics

In April 2014, Bradbury was employed as a property attorney and she was in such pain from her neck that she was unable to concentrate when she was in her office.

Her money was spent on thousands of dollars on various treatments and treatments but no solution seemed to work. Her yoga instructor suggested that she investigate somatics, which is a therapy based on movement that claims to alleviate any kind of pain in the body.

She found Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics on the internet and was thrilled to discover that she was teaching in England in the following year. She enrolled in her class and it was the beginning of a journey that would change her life.

In April it was a surprise. She hasn’t ever looked back from that point on and whenever she goes to bed, her neck doesn’t hurt. She told us: “The pain that was in my neck and along my shoulder blade went away after just a couple of hours of learning about somatics. The course was three days long at the end of the course, I felt like a completely different person.”

She decided to further study somatics. She embarked on a path that lasted several years , and eventually resulted in her becoming an practitioner. The company she is launching now is Synergy Somatics, based at St Johns Road in Waterloo and hopes to assist people in relieving back pain muscles that are stiff, sciatica or difficulty walking because of pain by using secure and soft motions.

She explained to us: “Our movement and mobility is controlled by our nervous system, and it helps us re-learn to work muscles that have become stiff and painful, and also helps them ease back into relaxation and relieve the pain that you’re experiencing.

“Somatics assists you in identifying which movement pattern you are using often. For example for a worker at a desk, they may be more likely to be rounded backwards and cross legged for prolonged durations of the day.

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“This can cause tension in certain areas of the body that eventually will cause pain. This could result in the result of a sore back and stiff or stiff hips. It may be tension headaches that appear in different ways.”

In a session with a clinician, April will analyze the patterns of the client and pinpoint the correct reflex to address and utilize a series of exercises, also known as pandiculations that raise awareness to a variety of muscles and to remind the nervous system how to let go and relax.

The muscles are stretched, allowing the muscles to expand their range of motion, but also lessens pain that a person experiences. Recovery from injuries and prevention of injuries is also a part of her expertise because she shows people how to maintain their health and fitness.

April says somatics can help reduce different types of pain

She said: “There are three reflexes that somatics is working with. They are comprised of muscles in both the upper and lower body as well as the back as well as the sides. One of these areas will be the focus of the session, and video demonstrations of movement will be provided to enable a home exercise to keep the fantastic results from the training.”

Classes for groups are also available to those who don’t wish to attend the clinic or wish to experience the somatics concept. It is also beneficial to take classes following clinical sessions to ensure the outcomes achieved, without the need to return to clinical sessions, which are no longer required.

The goal of April is to help as many people to overcome muscular pain as well as the side effects that they bring, like restricted movement, trapped nerves as well as inability to engage in enjoyed hobbies, insomnia and stress as far as is feasible.

She also said: “Nobody should have to endure painkillers and unnecessary operations as we are able to manage this pain on our own by using physical education.

The month of April is scheduled to start an back training course for back pain starting on June 9th and lasting for six weeks, each Thursday evening at Love to Dance Studio, Moor Lane, Crosby. The usual price is PS75 however LBN users can pay just PS65 by quoting the code: SYNERGY22.

Classes run at 6.45pm until 8pm. All you need to bring is mats. The recording of every session in the event that you are unable to attend and also to give the possibility of doing the same class at home. Log onto www.synergysomatics.com for more information.