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There are a variety of actions you can take to ensure you’re doing yoga in a manner that is appropriate to your body, capability, and the goals you want to achieve. (Image: Shutterstock)

Yoga is not just about promoting mental peace, but also helps keep the body at ease by alleviating tension and pain. It’s essential to stick to certain guidelines to ensure security and stop neck pain from becoming chronic. You can find them here.

Yoga is not just about bringing mental peace , but also assists to keep your body in a relaxed state through relieving tension and discomfort. While yoga poses or different postures help in getting relief from pain wrong postures or certain poses can strain the neck, causing discomfort.

There are plenty of poses that require care when performing them, it is important to follow these guidelines to protect yourself and prevent the repetition of neck discomfort.

Flex on a regular every day:The best way to prevent neck pain , is to begin your day with a series of stretches. When you stretch, you are able that you avoid stiffness and pain which yoga enthusiasts suffer from.

Warm-up: Before you begin to do different poses and asanas the best way to do it is to warm up prior to taking on a full-on workout. Sukhsma Vyayam and simple exercises are recommended by the experts. Walking , and moving gently your body parts will prepare your body for the yoga postures you plan to do. This way you reduce risk to your body , and you avoid injury to yourself in the process.

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Poses Twisting: When posing, some people overextend their necks in order to be more deep into the pose. However, doing over the recommended amount is not advised in any way. If you repeat the twist, neck pain can recur.

Hydration and rest: Before going for yoga poses, get enough rest and remain hydrated. If the level of hydration is not maintained, the neck pain may persist without easing.

Aero Yoga The type of yoga demands a certain amount of strength and the person doing it should be cautious as these postures place pressure on shoulders and neck. Inversions can be achieved by using hip support cushions and wrapping the cloth on you lower back.

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The Camel pose: Also called Ustrasana This yoga posture will require you to gradually sit onto the mat. Your hands must be placed on your hips and slowly begin to bend your back. When you are doing this, pressure shouldn’t be placed on your neck.

Reduce the time spent on screens: As we are habitually spending a lot of our time in front of TV, laptops and mobile devices, this puts strain on our necks. Incorrect way of sitting and the stiffness that is felt in the upper portion of our body can cause neck pain and the shoulder region. That’s why cutting down our time on the computer will allow us to ease strain, as per experts.

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