Are you suffering from back neck or back discomfort? Mobile phones used in improperly can be the reason. India TV News
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With the rise of addiction to mobile phones, many are also suffering from chronic spinal changes, specifically in the cervical region, thoracic and lumbar areas. The posture we adopt at the time of making and receiving calls on mobile phones could cause musculoskeletal problems. Many studies have shown that the wrong posture when using phones to discomfort and disfunction.

The joints of our body experience wear and tear when they are active, and can be repaired in the time of rest. When we place joints with an unnatural posture for prolonged periods of time or put pressure on the joints in one position for long periods they will be subject to greater wear and tear. the point at which it is more wear-and tear is more in comparison to repairs, and degeneration will begin within the joints according to the Dr Uma Kumar, head of the Department of Rheumatology AIIMS said to IANS.

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“When we use the mobile with our hands it is not just our fingers that are involved, but also our elbows, hands muscle, neck, and elbow engaged as we generally look at the mobile as we bend the neck away from the netural position, which is above the head and fully upright,” Dr Kumar said.

AIIMS doctor stated that there is constant pressure on the skull, muscles and brain over the neck that rests on the cervical spine. If we use our computer or mobile in a wrong manner the weight will increase in proportion to the tension upon the spine and muscles, which causes pains.

“When you turn your head back or tilt it to the side and backwards, the cervical spine’s (neck) muscles and ligaments, as well as tendons help support your head. In the event of neck strains it’s the intervertebral discs of the neck that assist in ensuring that the force is equally distributed,” Dr Kumar said. In a discussion about the growing amount of patients suffering from this condition who suffer from neck pain, Dr Kumar said, “We often in OPD see patients complaining of pain in the waist fingers, neck or wrists because they are in the incorrect posture.”

A long-term forward head position can be a risk factor for an acceleration of the degenerative spinal changes, according to AIIMS Dr. Kumar. Instead of lowering the head instead, hold it up and then bring your laptop and mobile towards the eye she advised. “Our head weighs between 5-8 kgs of mass, so if the head is tilted in any manner, it’ll exert greater pressure on the supporting neck muscles due to the force of gravity but if you stand for long periods in a in a fixed position (prolong using a computer or using mobile phones) it can lead to the muscles becoming fatigued, painful and degenerative diseases because of a chronically bad position,” explained Dr. Kaushal Kant Mishra. Director of the Bone and Joint Institute, Fortis Escort Hospital.

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Dr. Mishra stated that “If our necks are in the normal position, we place 5.4 kgs of mass on the neck. If the your head is tilted by 15 degrees toward the forward direction and the weight increases to 12.2 kgs. If it is tilted at 30 degrees the weight will increase to 18.1 kgs. In the case of a the angle is 45 degrees, the it will weigh 22.2 kgs. If the your head is tilted at 60 degrees then the weight of the neck will be 27.2 pounds.”

“That is why being aware of your posture when using the mobile or laptop is essential to avoid discomfort and disarray. If the shoulder and neck move forward and backwards, the muscles of the front are tighter while the back side gets weaker, and a resultant imbalance in the muscles occurs,” Dr Mishra said. A good posture, ergonomics and, most importantly strengthening the neck muscles is the best way to prevent and treatment for shoulder, neck and upper back discomfort Dr Mishra explained to IANS.

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