Ask your spine doctor: Dr.  Bharat R Dave

  • Ahmedabad mirror
  • 06-03-2022 2:15 p.m

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Dear readers Stavya answers

What is cervical spondylosis?
Aging leads to a degeneration of the cervical vertebra called spondylosis.

What are the red flags of this condition?
Neck pain, stiffness and restricted movement are the primary symptoms. This can lead to arm pain – this is called radiculopathy. Warning signs are A) Weakness, noticeable tingling, numbness and pain B) Body imbalance and weakness in the limbs. This is called myelopathy. These need to be investigated.

What is the treatment of radiculopathy?
Collar, exercise, and medication provide good relief. Consult a qualified physical therapist or spine specialist.

What is the treatment for myelopathy?
This is a progressive condition that leads to paresis of the limbs. Should not be neglected. Further treatment – most often surgery is required.

What Are Age-Related Spine Conditions That Affect Women?
Aging of the spine is known as spondylosis. It affects the mobile segment cervical (neck) and lumbar (back). The spinal cord becomes compressed with age (arthritis of the spine). Osteoporosis is the main disease that leads to weak bones and collapse and adds compression to the spinal cord.
It affects women in two ways due to hormone deprivation (menopause) and aging. In general, females survive 7 years longer than males.

How do we prevent cervical spondylosis?
Aging affects everyone, but lifestyle changes, maintaining good posture, correct ergonomics, stretching and strengthening exercises suggested by the doctor or therapist are the keys.