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Avera Medical Minute Relieving chronic nerve pain Dakota News Now


SIOUX FALLS S.D. (Dakota News Now) It’s something that some of us might overlook using all of our hands and arms.

Thank you to Robin Duhn of Spirit Lake, Iowa, she’ll always be thankful.

“It did not start as neck pain. It started as a tingling sensation on my fingers,” she said. In time, the sensation grew and spread to her arm.

“It reached a level where I could not talk due to the pain and throbbing of my feet were disorienting.” This pain brought the patient to see Dr. John Faryna’s office to seek relief.

“For Robin, it was an issue that had developed because the arthritis of his past had sort of developed tightness in the nerves” He said.

Doctor. Faryna, an Avera Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, suggested a particular spine procedure to eliminate the bulging disc that was forming in her neck.

“And it’s specifically designed for Robin the thing we needed to get rid of was the disc protrusion and the excess disc material that’s pushing on the nerve which is there,” he said. Robin was initially concerned about the procedure.

“I was quite emotional. When you start having the irrational fear that you’re entering your spine. For instance, “Am I likely to be paraplegic?”

The doctor. Faryna assured Robin that she was in safe in the right hands.

“It’s performed through a tiny incision on the neck’s front. We perform the procedure between the big muscles as well as the vital structures located on the anterior part of the spine and it’s a fantastic method of getting into the area,” he said. “It’s the gold standard for dealing with this issue.”

Robin immediately noticed the changes.

“I literally awoke after the surgery and was thinking”Oh, I have arms! It’s amazing!”

She’s now able to use all of her arms, which are no longer tingling or causing her discomfort.

“It’s all normal for me right now. I’m able for a yoga class, and I’m looking forward about the coming summer, to be capable of kayaking once again, and to spend my days in hands,” she said.

More information can be found at www.Avera.org/MedicalMinute

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