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Which air mattress is the best?

Whether you are planning a camping trip, expecting overnight guests or have just moved and your furniture has not yet been delivered, an air mattress can provide a comfortable place to sleep. They are easy to set up in minutes, come with a variety of features, and come in a variety of sizes and prices.

For home use, the AeroBed air mattress with integrated pump and headboard is one of the best options as it is specifically designed to solve the problems most people have when using an air mattress. The headboard prevents your pillows from slipping, the built-in pump automatically maintains the pressure all night and the double height makes it easier to get in and out.

What you should know before buying an air mattress


Air mattresses come in most sizes like traditional mattresses, including full, twin, queen, and king-size mattresses. In addition to the standard sizes, you will also find some children’s models and air mats for camping that may be smaller than the standard mattress sizes.

As with buying a normal mattress, think about how many people your air mattress should comfortably accommodate, as well as the size of the sleepers. Also, consider the space you plan for when setting up your air mattress to make sure you don’t get one that doesn’t fit.

Comfort and support

Comfort and support are very important aspects of a good night’s sleep. Whether the air mattress is for yourself or a guest, the last thing you want is for the sleeper to toss and turn all night because they cannot be comfortable or wake up with back or neck pain because of the mattress it doesn’t provide enough support. To determine how comfortable and supportive a device will be, consider its construction and any features that allow you to adjust the levels of inflation. You may also want to read reviews from actual users.


The height of an air mattress plays a big role in how it feels like a traditional bed and how easy it is to get up. Single height inflatables are typically between 20 and 12 inches, which makes them feel very much like you are sleeping on the floor. While this may be fine for young people, some older people can find it difficult to get in and out. Double height air beds are usually between 18 and 22 inches, which is much closer to the height of a regular bed.

Features to look for in a quality air mattress

Flocked top

Most air mattresses have a surface that is flocked with a velvety material. This is useful for a number of reasons. The plastic material on air beds tends to be slippery, which means the sheets slide all night. The flocking helps add a bit of traction to the sheets so they’ll stay in place better. In addition, the soft flocking increases the comfort of an air mattress, especially when it is used without a sheet, as is often the case when camping.

Internal air coils

An air mattress with internal spirals essentially consists of several small air chambers that are designed to mimic the spirals of a normal mattress. This adds structure and support so it is less likely to sag under a sleeper’s weight. This is especially important with double height air mattresses.

Built-in pump

While you can technically inflate most air beds by mouth, it would be a difficult and time-consuming task. It is for this reason that most people choose an electric air pump. The best air mattresses have built-in pumps so you don’t have to worry about potentially misplacing them and not having them on hand when needed. If you choose an air mattress without a built-in pump, consider whether it comes with a separate air pump, and if not, buy one separately if you don’t already have one.

Strength adjustment

Models with built-in air pumps may offer firmness adjustment to help you find the most comfortable sleeping surface for your preferences. This is often a knob on the pump itself that you turn one way or the other to easily inflate or deflate the air mattress. Some high-end models have wired remote controls that allow you to adjust the firmness without getting out of bed.

Pressure monitoring

Air mattresses are known to lose pressure overnight. Models with pressure monitoring systems automatically add air as needed during the night to ensure that you wake up in the morning on a mattress that is just as firm as when you first went to bed.

How much you can spend on an air mattress

The cheapest air mattresses typically cost anywhere from $ 25 to $ 50, depending on the size. When you step into premium models with double the height and more features, they typically cost between $ 100 and $ 300.

Frequently asked questions about the air mattress

Can I sleep on an air mattress every night?

A. You can sleep on an air mattress every night, but that’s not really what they’re designed for. Even the best models don’t offer the comfort and support of a traditional mattress, which means that long-term use can eventually lead to back or neck pain and stiffness.

Why does my air mattress deflate at night?

A. There are several reasons why an air mattress can lose air at night. There may be a leak in a pinhole, but more often it is simply the design of the mattress. They are designed to hold air but are not 100% airtight. This will ensure that they will not accidentally burst due to changes in pressure. Often times, when people think their air mattress is deflated, it has simply lost pressure because the air temperature has dropped instead of actually leaking air.

Which air mattress is best to buy?

Air mattress above

AeroBed air mattress with integrated pump and head section

What you need to know: With a thick pillow top and a raised headboard to prevent your pillows from slipping off, this AeroBed air mattress reproduces the sleeping experience on a real mattress.

What you will love: It automatically and silently adjusts its pressure during the night to ensure constant strength and has a USB port for charging your devices.

What to watch out for: It is not available in a king size option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top air mattress for the money

Bedsure air mattress

Bedsure air mattress

What you need to know: This double height mattress has a built-in pump and reinforced coils for support.

What you will love: It inflates fully in just 3 minutes and has flocking and raised edges that help hold your sheets in place.

What to watch out for: It tends to make a squeaky or rustling noise when you move.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Checking out is worth it

Intex Dura-Beam Ultra Plush air mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Ultra Plush air mattress

What you need to know: With an inflatable head section and several air coils for a supportive sleeping area, the Intex Dura-Beam Plush is a good choice for longer periods of use.

What you will love: It has a durable construction that allows it to withstand many uses, and it comes with a storage pouch to keep it protected when not in use.

What to watch out for: It takes up more space than other air mattresses of the same size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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