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While sleep can be a time of relief and relaxation, it’s tense and uncomfortable for those with shoulder pain. Many find shoulder pain is exacerbated at nighttime, so it might be wise to invest in the best pillow for shoulder pain. After all, the wrong pillow can throw your spine out of alignment and fail to support those pain points. To help you on your journey, we’ve created this roundup for the best pillows for shoulder pain in 2022. 

Disclaimer: The content on Sleepopolis is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldn’t take the place of advice or treatment from your physician or medical professional. This review is meant to be an informative guide for those looking to maintain healthy posture while they sleep. User experiences and needs will vary. If you experience lasting pain, soreness, or discomfort while sleeping, it’s always a good idea to seek out a healthcare professional in person.

The Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain 2022


Our team of sleep specialists tested many pillows on the market, using proprietary analysis and hands-on testing to find the best of the best for our readers. When building our roundup for the best pillows for shoulder pain, we paid special attention to support, pressure relief, durability, and quality of materials.

Pillows with the proper support and sufficient contouring were considered; it’s necessary to have a pillow that aligns the spine while also contouring pain points. The best pillows for shoulder pain are long-lasting and won’t sag after less than a year of use, so we included durable pillows in our roundup. Lastly, we placed an emphasis on pillows featuring quality materials.

For more, we encourage you to check out our Buyer’s Guide at the bottom of the page. There we take a deeper dive into all of these attributes so you can make the most informed purchase possible.

Editor’s Pick

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding’s Talalay Latex Pillow is our editor’s pick because of its versatility. This pillow comes in two lofts, so it accommodates a range of sleepers. Side sleepers and some back sleepers will want a higher loft, and stomach sleepers and other back sleepers will want the lower loft. So those suffering with shoulder pain can choose the best option based on their sleeping position. There’s a lot to love in the quality of materials, too; its latex construction creates support, but it also conforms to the neck and head for a neutral spinal alignment. 

Why We Love the Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow

  • This pillow comes with a machine-washable cover.
  • Eco-friendly shoppers should love this pillow, which contains sustainably sourced and hypoallergenic materials.
  • Talalay latex foam is naturally breathable, making it a nice choice for hot sleepers, too.

Price: $89–$99, with a three-year warranty and 30-night trial.

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Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

With an option of two lofts, the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow is fit for any sleeper. Its Talalay latex fill is sure to wow hot sleepers and eco-conscious shoppers alike.

Best Adjustable Pillow

WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube Pillow

The WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube is not only good for those prioritizing customizability, but also shoulder pain relief. With an inclusion of natural shredded Talalay latex, you should feel cooling and added support from this pillow. Its famous gel-infused memory foam cubes mold easily to your body, easing pain points and preventing shoulder pain.

Why We Love the WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube Pillow

  • It’s easy to modify. Just unzip the pillow, then add, remove, or adjust the fill to your preferences.
  • It comes with a 100% washable cover that’s also designed for breathability.
  • The WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube is Made In the USA.

Price: $89–$119, non-refundable and does not include a trial period.

Our full WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube review is coming soon!

WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube Pillow

WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube Pillow

With a shredded Talalay latex fill, sleepers should feel cool and supported on the WinkBeds Adjust-a-Cube Pillow. As an adjustable pillow, sleepers can customize the loft so it suits their personal needs.

Best for Back Sleepers

DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow

Finding the right pillow for your sleeping position is crucial no matter what, but it’s especially important when you’re trying to prevent or alleviate pain. For back sleepers experiencing shoulder pain, the DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow is a great choice. It’s essentially a large block of memory foam with a bouncy and responsive feel. So you should get pressure relief without excessive sinkage, all the while feeling supported. This balanced feel is ideal for alleviating shoulder pain for these sleepers.

Why We Love the DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow

  • This pillow’s loft is high enough to suit side sleepers.
  • With a breathable cover and gel-infused memory foam, this pillow is great for hot sleepers.
  • Combination sleepers should enjoy the responsive nature of this pillow, making it easy to switch sleeping positions at night,

Price: $99–$129, with a 50-night sleep trial, free shipping, and free returns.

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DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow

DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow

The DreamCloud Best Rest pillow uses memory foam yet boasts a bouncy and responsive feel. So you should get pressure relief without excessive sinkage, all the while feeling supported.

Best for Side Sleepers

Layla Kapok Pillow

Side sleepers require a loftier pillow, so their ear is lined up with their shoulders. The Layla Kapok is our favorite pillow for side sleepers because it does such a great job at maintaining this alignment. The mix of kapok fibers and foam result in a high-quality construction with a denser feel. This prevents the pillow from sagging and keeps side sleepers’ heads off the mattress and in alignment.

Why We Love the Layla Kapok Pillow

  • Back sleepers should feel comfortable with this pillow, but they might have to take out some of the filling first.
  • The Kapok filling gives the pillow a fluffy, down feel without sacrificing support.
  • The cover’s CuTEC copper yarn and kapok fill promote cooling.

Price: $109–$129, with a 120-night sleep trial and five-year warranty.

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Layla Kapok Pillow

Layla Kapok Pillow

For the Layla Kapok pillow, the mix of kapok fibers and foam result in a high-quality construction with a denser feel. This prevents the pillow from sagging and keeps the spine in alignment.

Best Value

Helix Adjustable Pillow

It’s difficult to find a pillow with high-quality materials at a reasonable price point. This task becomes even more difficult when factoring in a product that helps with shoulder pain. Look no further than the Helix Adjustable pillow. It’s made of a gel microfiber fill that’s customizable, so it should work for most sleeping positions. We recommend its removable insert for side or back sleepers looking for a higher loft. This customizability and emphasis on supportive material makes this a great option for shoulder pain.

Why We Love the Helix Adjustable Pillow

  • The proprietary gel fiber on the cover should feel comfy as soon as you lay your head down.
  • The outside pillow is 100% machine-washable.
  • The breathable cotton cover and gel microfiber fill means you shouldn’t sleep hot on this pillow.

Price: $85–$99, with a 100-night sleep trial and limited one-year warranty.

Our full Helix Adjustable pillow review is coming soon!

Helix Adjustable Pillow

Helix Adjustable Pillow

Made of a gel microfiber fill, the Helix Adjustable pillow is customizable and works for most sleeping positions.

Best Luxury

Saatva Latex Pillow

The last thing those with shoulder pain want is a pillow that fails to provide a proper balance of comfort and support. With a luxurious option like the Saatva Latex pillow, this should be the least of your worries. It has a hotel pillow feel that’s comfortable for back and side sleepers alike. An organic cotton cover includes side gussets, maintaining the pillow’s fluff and shape overnight. That way, those with shoulder pain won’t lose the support they get when they first lie down. 

Why We Love the Saatva Latex Pillow

  • This pillow is machine-washable. 
  • The outer pillow mimics the feeling of down. It’s also hypoallergenic. 
  • With a shredded Talalay latex core, sleepers should feel especially cool. 

Price: $165–$185, with a 45-night sleep trial and limited one-year warranty.

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Saatva Latex Pillow

Saatva Latex Pillow

The Saatva Latex pillow is an extremely luxurious option. It has a hotel pillow feel that’s comfortable for back and side sleepers alike.

Best Memory Foam

Brooklinen Marlow Pillow

Some who have shoulder pain find that a memory foam pillow is just what they need. It provides a comfortable, slow-sinking feeling, and the foam contours to the head and neck, encouraging spinal alignment. One of the finest memory foam pillows for shoulder pain is the Brooklinen Marlow pillow. Its foam is gel-infused for maximum cooling, and its polyester fiber provides support. The adjustability allows sleepers to choose their own comfort level.

Why We Love the Brooklinen Marlow Pillow

  • It’s hypoallergenic and 100% vegan.
  • There’s an 80/20 ratio of memory foam and polyester fiber, giving a balance of comfort and support. 
  • The Brooklinen Marlow pillow comes at a value price. 

Price: $65–$85, with a 365-night sleep trial.

Our full review for the Brooklinen Marlow pillow is coming soon!

Brooklinen Marlow Pillow

Brooklinen Marlow Pillow

The Brooklinen Marlow pillow has memory foam that’s gel-infused for maximum cooling, and its polyester fiber provides support. The adjustability allows sleepers to choose their own comfort level.

Best Firm

TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

If you want the sinkage of memory foam but want something a little firmer, check out the TEMPUR-Neck pillow. Side sleepers should love the firmer feel of this pillow. The firmer nature helps maintain the pillow’s shape overnight. This, combined with a higher loft keeps the ears in line with the shoulders. Back sleepers should find a lot to love in its ergonomic shape. Stomach sleepers, however, should look for something different; they need a softer feel and lower loft.  

Why We Love the TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

  • It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. This allows you to select the loft that matches your needs.
  • The cover is hypoallergenic, removable, and machine-washable.
  • The proprietary memory foam is molded into a wave-like shape, supporting the body’s natural curve.

Price: $119–$159, with a five-year warranty and free shipping.

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TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

Best for Pressure Relief

Tuft & Needle Pillow

Pressure build-up can happen in all sleeping positions, but it’s most common with side-sleeping. These folks put a lot of weight on their shoulders and hips every night, and if they already have shoulder pain, the last thing they need is more pain from a different source. That’s where the Tuft & Needle pillow comes in. It’s our favorite pillow for pressure relief, made of a soft and supportive foam. Where some pillows made of traditional memory foam can make you feel stuck, this material cradles those pressure points while still giving you room to move.

Why We Love the Tuft & Needle Pillow

  • Our testers felt cozy side-sleeping, but especially great while back-sleeping.
  • The foam is gel-infused, which is good news for hot sleepers.
  • All foams in this pillow are GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified.

Price: $100–$120, with a 100-night trial, three-year warranty, and free returns.

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Tuft & Needle Pillow

Tuft & Needle Pillow

The Tuft & Needle pillow is one of the best for pressure relief, made of a soft and supportive foam. The material cradles those pressure points without making you feel stuck in the material.

Best for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Bear Contour Pillow

The Bear Contour pillow is designed for sleepers suffering from neck pain, and it’s a great option for shoulder pain, too. Its ergonomic design and 6” loft conforms to the head and neck in the back- and side-sleeping positions. This pillow also retains its shape overnight, so you shouldn’t lose any support halfway through your sleep. That being said, the Bear Contour pillow still maintains a moldable feel for cozy comfort.

Why We Love the Bear Pillow

  • Its cover comes with a “cool-to-the-touch” side and a “smooth and silky” side.
  • This pillow is hypoallergenic.
  • It’s great for those who love a medium-firm feel.

Price: $125, with a 30-night trial and a two-year limited warranty.

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Bear Contour Pillow

Bear Contour Pillow

The Bear Contour Pillow’s ergonomic design and 6” loft conforms to the head and neck in the back- and side-sleeping positions. This pillow also retains its shape overnight, so you shouldn’t lose any support halfway through your sleep.

About Shoulder Pain

What Makes up the Shoulder?

The National Institute of Health states that the shoulder consists of the clavicle (known as the collarbone), the humerus (known as the upper arm bone), and the scapula (known as the shoulder blade).

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

While shoulder pain can be caused by a bad mattress and worsened with a bad pillow, there are a number of other causes:

  • General injury or overexertion
  • Arthritis
  • Pinched nerves
  • Rotator cuff tendinitis or injury
  • Frozen shoulder (stiffness of muscles/tendons/ligaments)
  • Bursitis 

Can a Bad Pillow Cause Shoulder Pain?

It’s crucial to find the proper pillow for your shoulder pain. More shoulder pain can make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Consequently, worse sleep can lead to increased shoulder pain. That’s why improving your sleep quality is paramount. 

How to Choose the Best Pillow Material for Shoulder Pain


Latex is one of the best materials for shoulder pain because it provides lots of durability. Pillows utilizing latex should be able to maintain their shape. Those with shoulder pain should rest easy knowing they’ll receive the same amount of support throughout the night. Still, latex provides some light contouring. This material works great for those in search of a firmer feel, such as side sleepers. And because it’s responsive and bouncy, combination sleepers should also feel comfortable changing positions at night. Latex is a naturally cooling material, so hot sleepers should have a restful sleep.

Memory Foam

Memory foam offers a unique and slow-sinking feeling that many look for in toppers, mattresses, and (of course) pillows. This material is popular for those in search of pressure relief and contouring. In the case of pillows, the foam molds around the neck and shoulders, cradling those pressure points. For shoulder pain specifically, a pillow with a block of foam rather than shredded foam should better maintain the pillow’s shape and allow for the right support. Foam pillows with the inclusion of polyfoam or latex can add support.

For more information, check out our article: Latex vs Memory Foam.

Down / Down Alternative

The construction of down and down alternative pillows isn’t beneficial to those with shoulder pain. The material doesn’t maintain its shape well overnight, resulting in a lack of support. We suggest sticking with memory foam and latex options.

The Best Sleeping Position for Shoulder Pain


Side sleeping isn’t an ideal sleeping position for those with shoulder pain. When you sleep on your side, you’re putting the most pressure on your hips and, well, shoulders. This can worsen or even cause shoulder pain, especially when paired with a bad mattress. 

If you must sleep on your side, make sure you’re sleeping on the side without the pain. Additionally, purchasing a mattress that cradles and supports your body, or investing in a good mattress topper, can help alleviate some of the pressure. 

Remember to select the best mattress for side-sleeping, and a pillow ideal for shoulder pain. Side sleepers will want a firmer pillow for additional support, as well as a higher loft to keep the ears in line with the shoulders. 


Back-sleeping is the ideal sleeping position for those with shoulder pain. It allows for a more even weight distribution across the mattress, so it puts the least amount of stress on the shoulders.

Back sleepers should remember that the best pillow is going to keep their chin and their breastbone lined up. Ergonomic pillows can further support spinal alignment.

For additional comfort, try to sleep with your arms in a downward position, and not above your head. This alleviates some unneeded tension from the shoulders. 


Stomach-sleeping isn’t recommended for shoulder pain. Often, stomach sleepers rest their arms above their heads or beneath their pillows, putting unnecessary strain on the shoulders.

If you must stomach sleep, it’s recommended you find a pillow under 3” tall. The lower loft keeps the head in a neutral position, aligning it with the rest of the body. Stomach sleepers can also go pillowless if it’s best for their comfort. 

Other Pillow Positions

Sleep with an Arm Propped on a Pillow (Back Sleepers)

For back-sleeping in particular, elevating your arm can relieve pressure from an injured or uncomfortable shoulder.

Put a Small Pillow or Rolled Hand Towel Between Your Shoulder Blades 

This can be great for both shoulders at once. Placing a pillow or towel under the pained shoulder while back-sleeping can provide some extra support. 

Buying a Pillow for Shoulder Pain

Sleep Trial and Warranty

When buying a pillow for pain relief, you’ll want to ensure the company offers good sleep trials and warranties. This allows you more time to determine if the pillow chosen is the best for your specific type of pain. 

Sleep trials are set periods of time where customers can test out a product. If you purchase a pillow with a 120-night sleep trial, it means you have 120 nights to sleep on the pillow and determine if it’s a good fit. During this time, you can return the product risk-free if you decide it’s not for you. 

Warranties, like sleep trials, vary from company to company. That’s why it’s so important to stay updated on company policies. Warranties cover pillows that are broken, damaged, or faulty as a result of manufacturing. That way, you don’t have to worry about paying for a pillow that has a defect.

Average Price 

The more expensive price point is not surprising for good pillows for shoulder pain. After all, it’s important these products have quality, durable materials to resist sagging and early wear. Such pillows should cost sleepers about $100.

Best Time to Buy a Pillow

Like mattresses, the best time to buy a pillow is probably going to be during holiday sales. Some of the biggest price slashes occur during President’s Day (February), Memorial Day (May), Labor Day (September), Thanksgiving / Black Friday (November), and Christmas (December).

Coupons and Deals

At Sleepopolis, we have a Coupons & Promo Codes page for budget-conscious shoppers.

How to Care for Your Pillow

When to Replace Your Pillow

It’s recommended that you replace your pillow every two years. If you have shoulder pain, you might need to replace your pillow sooner. This is especially true if there are noticeable signs of wear. Some examples include if the pillow yellows (presence of allergens), if it’s sagging or has lumps, or if the pillow doesn’t spring back into shape after folding in half. Of course, if you’re feeling pain or discomfort in the night, this is another sign you might need to replace your pillow.

How to Clean Your Pillow

Before cleaning your pillow, we recommend checking the product’s tag, consulting the manufacturer, or looking on the company website. Different companies use different materials, so there’s no one-size-fits-all cleaning process.

It’s best to wash your whole pillow biannually or quarterly. Before machine-washing, we recommend dusting or vacuuming your pillow to remove any dust or larger dirt particles. Using mild detergent, you should be able to wash your pillow with a machine. Some pillows are machine-wash safe (most down, down alternative, and polyester pillows) and others are not (those using primarily latex, memory foam, buckwheat). Pillows that aren’t machine-wash safe can be spot-cleaned with a towel and mild detergent.

Most pillows can go in the dryer for an hour on moderate heat. Down, feather, and down alternative pillows can be dried with a “air dry” or “air fluff” cycle. Pro tip: to help your pillows get extra fluff, throw a few tennis balls in the dryer.

Other Ways to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

Purchase a New Mattress

That’s right, sometimes the culprit is the mattress. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that sags or fails to provide adequate comfort and support, it’s time to buy a new one. For more, check out our roundup for the best mattress for shoulder pain.

Invest in a Topper

If purchasing a new mattress isn’t in the cards at the moment, try a mattress topper. It can change the feel of a mattress to get softer or firmer. This provides a bit more pressure relief or support, depending on your pain needs. Check out our roundup for the best mattress toppers for more info.

Switch to Back-Sleeping

Back sleeping is by far the best sleeping position for those experiencing shoulder pain. It puts the least amount of pressure on the shoulders. If you can, we recommend switching to this sleeping position. To get you started on your switch, check out our roundup of the best pillows for back-sleeping or the best mattresses for back-sleeping.

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Lack of sleep and shoulder pain can easily become a vicious cycle. Sleep is crucial for healing the body, but if your shoulder pain is keeping you awake, it only worsens your condition. One of our favorite resources for this is our 30-day plan on how to improve your sleep hygiene.


What type of pillow is best for shoulder pain?

The best pillow for you depends on your preferences and needs. However, if you’re not sure, we recommend you give the Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow a try. It suits many back, side, and stomach sleepers. Its cooling properties and simple cleaning process make it stand out among the rest.

How do I stop my shoulder from hurting when I sleep on my side?

If you aren’t able to transition to back sleeping, the ideal sleeping position for those with shoulder pain, there are a couple of things you can do to help ease discomfort. Ensure you’re sleeping on the side that’s not giving you pain. Avoid keeping your arm under your pillow while sleeping, and avoid sleeping with your arms above your head. Purchasing a new, lofty pillow or even going so far as to purchase a new mattress can be a real game-changer.

Should shoulders be on a pillow when sleeping?

No, your shoulders shouldn’t be on a pillow when sleeping. Your shoulders should lie just below the pillow. That way, your head and neck can receive proper support.

Why does my shoulder ache at night in bed?

If your shoulder pain worsens in bed, it might be time to purchase a new mattress or pillow. A mattress without the proper support or pressure relief can contribute to shoulder pain. The same goes for a pillow; if your spine is misaligned and if your head is improperly supported, shoulder pain can worsen.