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As an experienced fiber scientist and product analyst with the Good Housekeeping Institute, hundreds of bedding products have landed on my desk, certain ones I am a fan of and some in which… do not. I’ve tried over 100 pillow in the Lab to discover the top pillows available and my first impression of the bedding items is typically accurate However, I was astonished by an item called the Pillow Cube.

When I first noticed this cube-shaped foam cushion I thought, “Who would ever like this?” Turns out, it was me as well as a number of others side-sleeper GH test participants who had a go!

What’s it? Pillow Cube?

In contrast to traditional pillows with the sides tapered off, Pillow Cube pillows have 90-degree edges and are available in a range of sizes to allow for an ideal neck alignment while sleeping by your sides. The pillow is made of durable memory foam and certain models also have cooling covers. The brand has released several pillow designs in various sizes, each specifically designed with side sleepers in mind.

To determine the most appropriate size to your needs, the company suggests lying on your back in your bed and placing a stack of books in front of your ears. Add and remove different-sized book until the head is at a level to your shoulder. The size of the stack will determine the length of your Pillow Cube you should order.

How did we test using the Pillow Cube

In our Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab we test all kinds of pillows on the line. down, alternative down Latex, memory foam cooling, and much more for every sleeping position. The first step is to check the care labels to determine how easy it is to wash (PSA that some pillows aren’t machine washable! ) Then, we wash the entire pillow or cover 5 times to determine if they’ll withstand washing. We also examine how they’ll fit in the pillowcase, and then we conduct tests for support and recovery that simulate the pressure felt by the head that lies on it for the entire night If a weight is put upon the pillows for a long time, and then we test the speed at which it recovers to its original shape when the weight is removed.

In addition to the in-Lab testing as well as in-person testing, we also have consumers test them to get in-depth feedback about things like comfort, support temperature regulation, and much more. Testers are assigned a pillow after an initial questionnaire to ensure that they’re receiving an appropriate match. Then, they’re given a few weeks to lay on it, before offering open-ended or scored feedback.

We tried this Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow to the test in our Lab as well as with our consumer testers. It scored highly in Lab tests, and the foam rapidly back to the original form with the pillow’s cover showing only minimal shrinkage. There was a hint of loose threads and fuzziness on the cover after washing it five times. We recommend hand-washing the cover to achieve the most effective outcomes. While the cover offers the sensation of cool to the touch that test subjects claimed maintained a steady temp, but the cushion is constructed from solid memory foamthat has been known to retain the heat.

Testers were raving about the unmatched support and ease of use they experienced in this pillow’s unique shape. One user said the pillow “perfectly supports my head,” and another said it “decreased my discomfort.” Many reported that it can take some time to adjust to, and it’s not suitable for people who shift and toss or switch sleep positions at night because it’s an ideal side-sleeper.

After reading the test subjects who have rave reviews, and watching it pass Lab tests, I decided I needed to test it myself. I was a little skeptical initially as it’s rather hard, but after a couple of nights of sleeping on it, it became clear the excitement! It was able to support my head and kept my neck aligned, and I woke up the next morning with any pain. Due to its unique shape it wasn’t a perfect fit inside a standard pillowcase, however, the company does sell pillows that are specifically designed to be used with Pillow Cube pillow. This Pillow Cube definitely stood out on my bed in comparison with my other pillows however I found the quality to be more than worth the small smudge.

With its distinctive design and outstanding lab and consumer results The Side Ice Cube Sleeper pillow was awarded an award called the Good Housekeeping Bedding Award this year!

The Bottom line Does it worth the Pillow Cube worth it?

There’s no one pillow that is perfect for all This is why we try so many to help you select the perfect pillow for you. If you’re an individual who sleeps on your side and likes firm memory foam pillows, the experts at GH recommend trying their Pillow Cube. Make sure to adhere to the brand’s guidelines for sizing to find the perfect height for your needs and your neck, since it makes an enormous difference. If you’re dissatisfied with it they will allow refunds within 60 days after purchase, however you’ll need to pay for shipping.

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Why should you trust Good Housekeeping?

Emma Seymour is the senior textiles analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She has conducted rigorous tests on hundreds of pillows within the Textiles Lab in the past two years. Additionally, she has co-ordinated sleep testing for pillows together with hundreds of reviewers from home. Emma holds completed a Bachelor of Science of Fiber Science at Cornell University and has been testing bedding for over three years with Good Housekeeping.

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