EVANSVILLE, Ind., Jan. 30 2023– Center for Pain Management (CFP) announced today that it has completed the deal to acquire Indiana Spine & Pain Institute as a group of 3 Southern-Indiana-based pain management practices with a focus on innovative treatments to treat chronic and acute pain.

A leader in the field of interventions in pain treatment, Indiana Spine & Pain Institute’s three southern Indiana locations focus on cutting-edge, interventional treatments for pain that address the most common causes for chronic pain. This acquisition expands the total of Indiana clinics to seven, and expands their reach into Evansville, Jasper as well as Rockport, Indiana.

Along with the American Pain Consortium, the associated Ambulatory Surgery Center acquisition will help to achieve the Center for Pain Managements goal of providing treatment for those suffering from chronic pain. The expansion to the surgical center gives patients to benefit from the security and cost savings from an ASC for pain that is minimally invasive procedures.

This acquisition by Indiana Spine & Pain Institute confirms the Center for pain Management’s commitment to provide exceptional individualized patient care provided by top interventional pain doctors in the industry. The clinics that are being run by these specialists are the Dr. Mansoor Khan who is a fellowship trained on interventional Spine & Pain from the University of Pennsylvania and is certified by the board with the specialty of physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Doctor. Khans expertise comes from his extensive education in rehabilitation and surgical specialties.

“I am thrilled to be working together alongside the Dr. Mansoor Khan. At the Center for Pain Management, we strive to provide positive outcomes for patients through integrated multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary care. We’ll provide a complete array of therapies using cutting-edge technologies to patients who reside in Rockport, Jasper, Evansville and adjacent communities.” Dr. Edward Kowlowitz Director of Operations, Center for Pain Management.

The brand new Evansville, Jasper along with Rockport centers will offer comprehensive pain management services , which include minimally-invasive treatments, physical therapy and psychological counseling.

All CFP locations which include the brand new Evansville, Jasper as well as the Rockport CFP locations, including the new Evansville, Jasper and Rockport are able to provide comprehensive care for a wide range of pain-related conditions. Patients can access ways to tackle common causes of chronic pain such as back and neck discomfort and degenerative disc diseases, spinal stenosis, neuropathic pain, chronic regions of pain (CRPS) as well as other. The CFP’s pain clinics offer treatments for those suffering from other musculoskeletal issues, accidents, injuries sustained in sports or any other injury.

A few of the treatments offered by CFP comprise an array of treatments, including injections spinal stimulaters, pain pump therapy, PRP physical therapy, diagnostic imaging as well as psychological counseling and restricted medication management. CFP’s complete range of treatments allows the patient’s plan for pain management to change depending on their specific needs. Patients can visit one of our convenient locations to be assessed and diagnosed as well as treated.

Description Center for Pain Management and American Pain Consortium

Center for Pain Management receives vital support for management that is provided by American Pain Consortium. APC provides the expansion of a network of interventions in pain management and pain-focused ambulatory surgical centres (ASC) that provide cutting-edge supportive services for patients.

Center for Pain Management is now accepting new patients. Schedule your visit at www.evansvillepain.com.

Contact American Pain Consortium at www.americanpainconsortium.com

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