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UPPER ST. CLAIR, PA, USA on December 27, 2022 /”The Chiropractic Journal of Australia published an article on February 8, that detailed the situation of a man aged 21 who suffers from 10 years of neurofibromatosis (NF) type 1, suffering from chronic neck pain and headache. With a neck disability index of 84 percent, the patient’s condition negatively affected his level of living. (

The patient requested chiropractic treatment for pain. After an array of adjustments and adjustments, the patient felt relief of his neck pain for six months and headache pain, and the index of neck disability decreased from 8% to 8%.According findings of the research, the chiropractic therapies included ultrasound therapy, cervical manipulation as well as manually spinal adjustments. This study is one of many studies that demonstrate the benefits from chiropractic care against acute pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractors are health professionals who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and preventing diseases that affect disorders of the spine as well as the nervous system. By adjusting and manipulating the manuals of the body’s parts, chiropractors chiropractor can enhance joint movement, decrease the pain, enhance function and reduce stiffness in muscles and headaches.

This study reinforces the efficacy of chiropractic adjustments in treating neurofibromatosis-related headaches and neck pain. Although the study emphasizes the pain and discomfort associated with NF but there are numerous chronic illnesses that can get better treatment with chiropractic care for conditions such as whiplash, arthritis and herniated discs and scoliosis.

The doctors are doing at D&M Chiropractic have been doing for the last 18 years: alleviating chronic discomfort and improving the living quality. D&M Chiropractic uses the latest technologies and methods to offer patients high-quality medical care. This ensures that each diagnosis is tailored to provide optimal results.

Drs. Marc as well as Deanna Micucci started their chiropractic clinic in 2004with the intention to offer high-quality chiropractic solutions to patients who are in need, but without compromising comfort or convenience.

One of the top chiropractic care provider located in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania The Micucci’s are dedicated to helping their patients feel healthy and pain-free.

What Dr. Marc Micucci has to declare about how important it is to have spinal checks in our overall health “Seeking the services of a chiropractor at an early age for regular spinal checks can help to keep spinal decay and help all the neuromuscular ailments that we face everyday.”

To add to his testimony to his patients, In his testimony, Dr. Deanna Micucci said, “The most effective way to prevent disease is to help people achieve the highest quality of wellbeing through nutritional assistance as well as physical and modifications to lifestyles and techniques for managing stress.”

They provide chiropractic care services provide the following:

* Adjustment of the spine

* Massage and soft tissue therapy

* Therapeutic exercises and stretching

* Physical modality

* Health training for employees and education

In addition to chiropractic care, D&M Chiropractic offers a range of other treatmentslike pediatric chiropractic physical therapy along with nutritional therapy.

D&M Chiropractic has been a consistently awarded’s “Best Chiropractic in Pittsburgh” from 2018 to the present, which has affirmed the level of service they offer their clients. There are many reasons patients choose D&M Chiropractic for their chiropractic needs. One reason is the “No Wait Policy” in their office.

With the “No Wait policy” implemented and a medical staff in D&M Chiropractic ensures that their patients are seen in a timely manner and without delays. They also ensure secure and efficient treatment for each patient, and ensure their complete recovery without repeated pains or discomfort.

Chiropractic treatment isn’t an innovative medical treatment. The practice has been in use for more than a century and, with the constant advances in technology and treatment methods, there’s not a doubt that it can aid many people in easing their chronic pain for example, headaches as well as neck and shoulder pains that are caused by chronic ailments.

Recent research shows that around 35 million Americans go to an chiropractor every year, most of whom seek spinal adjustment to treat lower back pain, which is the most frequently performed procedure by chiropractors. This staggering number indicates that growing numbers of people are turning to the chiropractic alternative to seek an end to chronic pain, without taking medication.

Based on an article within The National Library of Medicine, regular visits to chiropractors chiropractor will significantly reduce medical expenses in the following manner:

* 60.2 percentage of admissions to hospitals

* 59.0 percent of the expected hospitalization

* 62.0 percentage of outpatient surgery and other invasive procedures

Aproximately 85% the pharmaceutical costs

The study, which ran for seven years, aimed to establish whether chiropractic care is an effective alternatives to admissions to hospitals, painful procedures, and prescription drugs. The findings show that patients can benefit from tangible health benefits and benefits for their health by frequent visits to chiropractors. chiropractor.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain that prevents you from enjoying their best lives and it’s the perfect the time to look into chiropractic care. It’s a booming business it’s easy to locate chiropractic clinics across the United States.

But, it’s crucial to find skilled doctors and certified practitioners like the team of D&M Chiropractic. Getting treatment from an untrained and not licensed chiropractor could aggravate the problem or cause fatal injuries.

For those who live near Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania The highly acclaimed chiropractic practice, D&M Chiropractic, is worth a visit. The clinic offers comprehensive treatment and a numerous options chronic pain is likely to be a thing of the past! The clinic also provides the opportunity to have a free exam and MRI review that costs $247.

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D&M Chiropractic is a Pennsylvania-based family chiropractic clinic, founded and headed by Dr. Marc and Deanna Micucci both of whom are certified chiropractors in various areas in chiropractic care, such as Adjunctive procedures as well as Physical Therapy and Chiropractic X-ray. The clinic was founded on the 4th of April 2004. It has been providing quality care in those in the Upper St. Clair area.

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