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Faye Talbot doesn’t remember this, but she became an early patient at the Baton Rouge Clinic at 18 months when a doctor there removed her tonsils.

“I remember my father saying that I was probably the youngest child who was treated there at the time,” recalls Talbot. “At that time there was no pediatric medicine, so an ear, nose and throat doctor took out the tonsils.”

Now, more than 70 years later, Talbot continues to seek care at the Baton Rouge Clinic. Talbot said the main reason her family has cared about the clinic’s care for decades is because of the caring and professionalism of the staff. She recalled a special event last year involving cancer that she was impressed with how her specialist handled the entire situation.

“He really calmed me down. I felt comfortable with him, ”said Talbot. “He ordered a biopsy and it wasn’t cancer. I had and still have great faith in him throughout the entire process. “

Over the years, the Baton Rouge Clinic has become a mainstay for Talbot and her family. Her sister is a regular patient at the clinic and is supported by Dr. Michael Rolfsen, who helped her maintain the quality of life after she was badly burned in an explosion in 2008. Talbot’s sister isn’t the only family member cared for at the clinic, however. Her toddler granddaughter is a patient and her mother was also in the clinic for several years before she died.

Julia Hawkins also sees Dr. Rolfsen and credits him for keeping her healthy enough to remain a competitive athlete. 105 today, Hawkins has won events at several National Senior Games where she participated in running and cycling. She presented Dr. Rolfsen even received one of their medals in honor of his care.

“He’s always been so kind and nice,” said Hawkins. “I was at the clinic the other day and he came up to me to say hello. I really appreciated that. He knows me as well as I know him. I hope he can keep me healthy so that I can continue to compete. “

Julia Hawkins runs in an event at the National Senior Games.

When her children were younger, Hawkins also took her to the clinic for treatment. Hawkins vividly remembers when one of her sons, who was then about three or four years old, got pneumonia. A doctor from the Baton Rouge Clinic made a home call, treated the child, and bonded with Hawkins’ husband about their mutual background in the US Navy.

“The clinic has done our whole family really good,” said Hawkins. “I was happy to go to a place where you could be treated for whatever you needed. I had four children so it was a good situation for us. My life was wonderful and part of it was being able to go to a good clinic where all of our children could be treated and looked after. “

For Kelly Holland, her family’s experience of the Baton Rouge Clinic began with the birth of her son in 2007. Her son began with Dr. George Schwartzenburg, whom she was so impressed with that she found Dr. Schwartzenburg recommended to several of her co-parents. Shortly after her son started seeing Dr. Seeing Schwartzenburg, Holland turned to Dr. Todd Cooley to take care of himself. Today both went to see other clinic specialists if necessary, and Holland even put her mother to one of the clinic’s dermatologists, Dr. Stephanie Frederick, and her husband referred to both primary care and specialty services.


Kelly Holland

“One of the main reasons we started walking is because I felt that the quality of care was superior,” said Holland. “You feel like family to me. I met several nurses there who always give a personal touch. Dr. Cooley is fun and can lighten the mood even when you are not feeling well. Dr. Schwartzenburg has treated my son since he was an infant and is now a teenager, but it has been a seamless transition. I always feel that they are taking their time. I’ve never had the feeling that they are trying to force me out. “

Dorothy Rogillio also credits the Baton Rouge Clinic for staying healthy and independent at the age of 91. She estimates that she has been a patient there for more than 40 years, most recently with Dr. Roy Kadair. Over the years, Rogillio’s son, husband, and many friends also turned to the clinic, largely based on their recommendation.

“I have a feeling that Dr. Kadair is part of the family. He was always very honest with us, ”said Rogillio. “I am completely satisfied with the overall situation. I have had to see other doctors there over the years for various problems and they make it an easy process. I was always happy there and always told people to go to the clinic because they can take care of all their needs. “

Mary Coles recalled that it was her husband, a pharmacist, who decided for the first time a few decades ago to see Dr. To see Kadair at the clinic. On his recommendation, Coles and her children eventually became hospital patients. Today Coles still sees Dr. Kadair for your needs.

“I remember my husband saying that Dr. Kadair was without a doubt the most knowledgeable diagnostician he had ever met, ”Coles recalled. “That was enough to convince us. He is very professional and wants to make it as comfortable as possible for you. He won’t keep you there any longer than you need to be. My middle son is going to see him too now and he likes that he even calls Dr. Kadair can call and discuss something if it’s not serious enough to go in. “

For Sister Kathleen Babin, her relationship with Dr. Kadair back several decades. Babin remembers him as one of her students at Sacred Heart when she taught there. When he became a doctor, Babin decided to turn to him and has been one of his patients for almost 30 years.

“He is very friendly and it was always easy to talk to,” said Babin. “He really listens and has a personal approach.”

Babin said another reason she continues to use the clinic is because of the efficiency and friendliness of the staff.

“I never have any problem getting in touch with them to make an appointment,” she said. “You always reacted. When I go I think I didn’t have to wait more than 30 minutes. That makes a big difference because it shows that they respect people’s time. “

Bryan Post also complimented the clinic with its efficient operation and charismatic staff. She found that Dr. Rolfsen has become like a family member for them. He first addressed Post’s father a few years ago. When Post got married, he and her husband remained in his care. Today she is joined by her daughter, Post’s son-in-law, and a granddaughter.


Bryan Post

“It’s a smooth process. They make it easy for you and take good care of you, ”said Post. “When I go to Dr. When I visit Rolfsen, he has all of my information right in front of him so that nothing is overlooked. If I call to check on something, the nurse will call back quickly. That calms me. Everyone I’ve met is happy to help. I feel very comfortable there. “

More than two decades ago, Delores Price decided to join the clinic with Dr. To put her trust in Richard Lieux after suffering from neck pain for five years. Her then-unaffiliated doctor brushed her concerns aside, but Price knew something was wrong.

Price said Dr. Lieux quickly diagnosed the problem and injected her to treat her condition. She realized how much Dr. Lieux and his staff were always patient, helped her stay calm and that a friend could accompany her to some appointments. They also briefed her on the exact treatment and dosages.

“I got so close to Dr. Lieux boasted that my son, sister-in-law, and some of my friends are now his patients, “Price said. “He always treated us all like good friends. When he sees me, he always has a smile. He has a nice manner on the bed. Everyone I know loves him. “

Holland said she shared these feelings and often heard similar feelings from others.

“The doctors are great,” she says. “The Baton Rouge Clinic would not have existed for so long if it had not had great doctors and excellent quality of care. When you think of everything that has changed over the years in our world, our community, and the world of healthcare, it is amazing that they have continued to adapt and grow. They always strive to do their best. “

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