Covid patient with BA.5 variant has unusual symptoms . I thought it  was meningitis - Express

BA.4 as well as BA.5 Covid variations were initially discovered within South Africa but they might be soon becoming widespread in Europe as well as the US as per health experts. The two subvariants are believed to be the cause of the UK rise in cases. At present, Government statistics show an 33.3 percent increase in cases of coronavirus for the week ending 26 June. Here’s Dr. Claire Taylor’s experience using the latest Omicron variant.

Dr. Taylor is sharing her experiences with the brand new BA.5 version of social media, and has listed the peculiar symptoms.

If you are concerned about Covid You may be thinking about symptoms like cough, fever and changes in the smell and taste.

The doctor also said that her son’s and her’s symptoms resembled those of meningitis.

From stiff necks and neck pain to a dislike of bright lights What they went through.

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“I was sore all over after being struck by a bus, that left me aching everywhere,” she penned on Twitter.

The doctor explained how this “hit by a bus sensation” lasts for several days until her neck began to stiffen.

Dr. Taylor said: “I actually could not move my neck even a bit. It was hot and I was general miserable.

“NO cold-related symptoms anyhow.”

At beginning, she was not positive for the flow lateral Covid test. But, the fifth day of her illness yielded an “faintly Positive” result.

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Based on these symptoms The doctor believed the condition “was meningitis” initially.

Also, her son experienced the numbness and lethargy in his feet on day seven.

When he began testing negative for the lateral flow test at around the time of the week, his symptoms improved within two weeks.

“This wasn’t an illness of the respiratory system for me and my son It was more of an infection of the meningiform virus (fever and neck pain, as well as stiffness, as well as a distaste for bright light),” the doctor tweeted.

The symptoms reported by Dr. Taylor along with her young son were not the typical Covid symptoms.

Following the appearance of Omicron this winter patients began to report various symptoms in addition to the original symptoms, like cough and fever.

After a few months after that, the NHS changed its Covid symptoms list, including these symptoms:

  • Breathlessness

  • Tired or exhausted

  • Ching body

  • Headache

  • The throat is swollen

  • Runny nose or blocked

  • A loss of appetite

  • Diarrhoea

  • Feeling sick or being sick.

Subvariants from Omicron and BA.4, the BA.4 as well as the BA.5 strains might have different signs and symptoms as compared to the primary virus. But, experts and scientists are still trying to determine the specific signs.

Fortunately, the new varieties aren’t thought to be more deadly than the other forms of Covid.