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If you’re hoping to be healthy and pain-free this year, you must take good care for your neck muscle. Do these exercises to enjoy the benefits

The neck muscles are active throughout all day long regardless of whether you’re working at your desk or laying on your smartphone, or sleeping. But, unlike many other muscles we’ve discussed in this series on fitness it is not often considered when you exercise or workout. It’s true that the standard neck rotations as well as side-to-sides in the warm-up process don’t count.

It is possible to suggest that engaging on the traps (trapezius muscles) is sufficient for the neck. In reality, the traps start at the top of the neck and extend to the shoulders and mid-back area as well. They also aid in moving your neck, head and shoulders, as well as other areas of your upper body in a safe and efficient manner. However, while removing the traps is essential however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to the neck. There’s a reason most sprains or tweaks occur at the neck. They can be annoying and take time to heal, and are very stiff. Most of them happen because of poor posture and in order to prevent this you must put in an intense effort on the neck muscles, too. Particularly because, while it assists in the movement of the neck, it also serves in a way to absorb shock any force.

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There are spillover consequences of neck exercise that extend beyond physical strength. “Athletes exercise their neck muscles in order to decrease the chance of suffering concussions. While that’s important but it’s not the sole benefit of working out the neck. Building strength in the neck can have a holistic effect on health,” states an article called 3 Key Benefits Of Neck Training on They include decreasing headaches and improving balance and most importantly getting blood flowing towards the brain. The neck muscles are between our brains and the other body parts and this should be enough incentive to pay them more focus.

As with all muscles that is a part of the body, there are many ways to strengthen the neck: the isometric method, functional exercise and reactions training are all very well-liked by athletes. Due to the many different neck actions are, we’ve selected exercises that cover the flexion (the move of the chin towards the chest) and rotating (side-to-side movements) and the lateral movement (ear towards chest) and extension (movement of the chin away from to the chest) and even hyperextensions (craning the head back enough to see towards the sky).

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Neck exercises with balls The most basic exercises for the neck are based on free rotation. However, using the use of a medicine ball or a solid ball can make a huge difference in the type of pressure applied to the neck. The YouTube Channel Core Chiropractic has a nice three-minute routine that can be completed with walls and a ball . It’s an excellent place to begin with your neck exercise routine.

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Yes No, Maybe A different channel worth following is Minus The Gym. They are a specialist in exercises that don’t require any equipment and it is akin to the basic human neck movements: yes and no or maybe. All you require to complete the exercise is an area of surface that has an edge on which allows you to extend your neck in three different patterns. Each stretch and flexion at a slow pace and ensure that your actions are carefully planned and controlled.

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isometric exercises for neck Holds are a vital component of any routine of training and Physiotutors also has an instructional video using an exercise band, a resistance band, and a medicine ball to help strengthen the neck and prevent injuries or even discomfort. When you have mastered the basic movements and exercises, you should test your neck in a manner that is within the limits of pain. Based on a lot of studies that the video shows, these movements are not difficult, but you should be careful not to get caught up in the process. In the end, injury to your neck can prove extremely restricting to your exercise routine.

The three videos below will allow you to begin to move into the intermediate stage of neck strength. By adding weights, and focusing on your deltoids and traps are part of the push and pull workouts, and can help improve neck strength and mobility. The neck muscles are activated throughout the basic movements of every day life. Spending only a few minutes focusing on the neck, particularly on days when you are working the muscles around it can give the most significant increase in your fitness.

Pulasta Dhar has been a soccer commentator and a writer.

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