Exercises to help ease

Superman is a great exercise that can help overcome “tech neck” discomfort in strengthening muscles of your back as well as supporting your spine and a healthy standing posture (via Everyday Health). To perform this exercise it is best to lie on your stomach on the ground or on a yoga mat with your arms and legs straight, and your arms extended out towards the front. When you are doing the exercise ensure that your head remains in a neutral place and do not look upwards (via Healthline). Slowly raise your right arm and the left leg from of the groundand then pause for a few seconds then lower them back to the ground.

When you lift your arms the leg, ensure that you activate your abs, glutes, as well as the muscles between your shoulders. After that gradually raise your right and left leg up and hover for a few minutes, before lowering them to the floor. This is a single repetition. Do 8-12 reps for a total of 3-4 sets, and rest the middle of each rep.

If you’d like to master the superman pose exercise, raise both arms and legs about a few inches from the ground simultaneously while balancing upon your core. Be sure to not lift your head up and look down to keep your neck safe.