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Did you know that humans spend ⅓ their lives sleeping? You may also be interested in how the position you sleep in has an impact on how much rest you get overall. Bought wrong mattress For your sleep type, having a sleep problem can also make it worse, so understanding how you sleep is important.

There are three main sleeping positions that most people need to know about. These are back, front and side sleepers. Below you will find out what type of sleeper you are and what type of EZ Living Furniture mattress that will suit you best.

Back sleeper

A back sleeper spends most of his night on his back. While they can switch positions during the night, these individuals can enjoy the fact that they are getting the best overall sleep health. Slumbering on your back prevents greater pain and often means you are enjoying a deeper sleep. The ideal mattress for this type of sleeper is a firm mattress. This maintains the natural alignment of the spine and supports the pressure points of the entire body.

Recommended mattress: Billionaire from EZ Living Furniture.

Front sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is usually not recommended by sleep experts. However, it can actually help you fall asleep faster and provide better relief for those who snore and suffer from sleep apnea. The best mattress for these people is one that offers good support, i.e. a medium comfort rating. This prevents you from completely sinking into it and arching your spine, which can lead to additional back and sometimes neck pain.

Recommended mattress: Wellbeing Latex from EZ Living Furniture.

Side sleeper

Sleeping on the side of our body is the most common. Why? Because there are many variations for side sleeping – for example the fetal position. There are many benefits associated with side sleep, including reduced chance of sleep apnea, insomnia relief, and sleep deprivation. The perfect mattress for side sleepers has medium to firm comfort.

Recommended mattress: Luxury 3200 from EZ Living Furniture.

Beds and bed frames

For the best mattress support, we always recommend buying a new bed frame or underlay at the same time as your mattress. Make sure the bed frame you purchased is the same size as the mattress. For example, a 5ft mattress must be combined with a 5ft bed frame or bed frame.

Now that you have gathered all the information you need for a restful sleep, we can put this topic firmly in bed.

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