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The Faux Down GhostPillow is a new offering from the bed-in-a-box giant GhostBed. GhostBed is known for its ultra-cooling mattresses, but the brand also makes a range of sleep products, including bed frames, sheets, toppers and, of course, pillows.

The Faux Down GhostPillow is made from what it sounds like: an artificial material designed to mimic the feel of down. Faux down pillows have a few advantages over real down pillows – they’re hypoallergenic and tend to be less expensive. However, it’s hard to do justice to the cozy, malleable, and breathable feel of down.

Let’s see how the GhostPillow does! Little time? Jump down to mine Summary.

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Faux down GhostPillow

The Faux Down GhostPillow has the soft, cozy feel of down with the added benefit of being hypoallergenic and antimicrobial!

Is Faux Down GhostPillow a Good Pillow for You?

Whether or not a pillow is right for you depends on factors such as your preferred sleeping position, pain, and personal preference. Check out some of my recommendations below.

Who should try the Faux Down GhostPillow

  • Side sleeper should really like this pillow. It has a medium-high loft that should provide adequate support for the neck.
  • I also find this pillow a good choice for Back sleeperwho should enjoy the comfortable neck contouring that they will feel with this pillow.
  • Hot sleepers should appreciate it how cool this pillow sleeps! Its filling is nice and breathable, and it has a cooling envelope.
  • Who is looking for a cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and down-like pillow should be happy about this down alternative pillow.

Faux Down Ghost PillowThe Faux Down GhostPillow in the Sleepopolis studio.

Who Should The Faux Down GhostPillow. not try it?

  • Stomach sleeper will likely find that this pillow is too tall for their needs. I would recommend you check out one of ours The best pillows for stomach sleepers.
  • Anyone looking for an adjustable pillow might want to look elsewhere. You cannot add or remove any filling to this pillow.
  • Sleeper with neck pain might want to look elsewhere. This pillow feels like down, which means it’s compressible and malleable and doesn’t have the ergonomic support these sleepers need. I would direct them to one of ours The best memory foam pillows.

How does the Faux Down GhostPillow feel?

Now that we know who likes this pillow and who doesn’t, let’s dive into the details for all of the people it might work for! I like to start with the feeling, as most sleepers have an idea of ​​which feeling they prefer in a pillow, be it soft and squishy or firm and supportive. Before I share my opinion, I want to emphasize that firmness is subjective and depends on factors such as your preferred sleeping position and weight. For reference, I weigh about 110 pounds and sleep on my side.

Faux Down GhostPillow Strength

Before we start, I want to note that side sleepers generally need a firmer pillow, back sleepers a medium pillow, and stomach sleepers a soft pillow. These strength levels help promote a neutral spine alignment for any position. However, these strength levels depend on your personal preferences. For example, I’m a side sleeper, but I prefer a medium-firm rather than firm pillow.

I think this pillow has a lot to offer pleasant, medium-soft handle. It is soft and mushy (similar to down) and offers some nice depression. I definitely felt this pillow wrap around my head and neck, which provided moderate support. I think it’s a great option for most side and back sleepers who can get the support and comfort they need in this pillow. I would recommend it though those looking for an extra neck support opt ​​for a firmer pillow, like the Memory Foam GhostPillow.

Ghost pillow loftThis pillow feels pleasantly medium soft.

Faux down GhostPillow Loft

Loft simply refers to the height of a pillow. A pillow can come in one of three lofts: High Loft (5 inches or higher), Medium Loft (3-5 inches), or Low Loft (2 inches or less). Typically, side sleepers need a high loft pillow, back sleepers need a medium loft pillow, and stomach sleepers need a low loft pillow. Similar to firmness, these loft levels help promote neutral alignment of the spine for any position.

The Faux Down GhostPillow has a 7 inch loft what makes it a High loft pillows. I’ve tested it in a number of positions and I’ll share my thoughts on how it felt in those positions below.

Side – I felt very comfortable sleeping on the side on this pillow! Personally, I’m a fan of soft feel pillows, so I really liked how malleable this pillow felt.

Return – I enjoyed sleeping on this pillow too! I liked how I felt the microfiber gel filling wrap around my neck. I definitely had a real cloud-like experience sleeping on this pillow.

Ghost pillow side sleeperI enjoyed sleeping on the side on the Faux Down GhostPillow.

Belly – This is the one position that didn’t feel as comfortable. I felt like my face was choked from all of the raised filling, and my neck felt like it was tilted out of line with my shoulders. I would direct stomach sleepers to a much lower loft pillow.

Under the arm – I think this pillow is a nice option under the arm! Most people who like a pillow under their arm want it to be soft and snug, and I would say this pillow is just the thing!

Between the legs – I also like this pillow as a between the legs option! It has enough loft to keep your knees from rubbing against each other. Personally, however, I use a cheaper pillow as an option between the legs as getting adequate support in this area isn’t as important.

As I mentioned above, I actually use this pillow on my bed! I’ve only had it for a short time, but I enjoy how it stays nice and fluffy and helps me stay cool every night!

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Faux down GhostPillow

Faux down GhostPillow

The Faux Down GhostPillow has the soft, cozy feel of down with the added benefit of being hypoallergenic and antimicrobial!

What is the Faux Down GhostPillow made of?

So we know how this pillow feels, but why does it feel that way? The best way to show you is to discuss the materials.

Cover – The pillowcase consists of Ghost Ice fabric, also removable and with zip. This material consists of cotton velor. It also feels cool and is designed to dissipate body heat on both sides of the pillow.

Inner cover – There is a breathable inner cover under the removable zipper cover. It consists of 100% natural cotton and has a nice, smooth feel.

Editor’s note: I use this pillow at home and found it more comfortable to open the outer cover and just place my pillow case over the inner cover.

To fill – The pillow is filled with a Microfiber gel filling. It has a supple, soft feel that is very similar to down.

These materials are all hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial.

Ghost pillow insideOpen the Faux Down GhostPillow.

Is the Faux Down GhostPillow good for hot sleepers?

I think the Faux Down GhostPillow makes a great pillow for hot sleepers. It has two cooling covers and its microfiber gel clusters ensure plenty of air circulation. If you want to look at other cooling pads, I recommend ours best cooling pillow round up.

If you’re looking for even more cooling bedding, check out ours best cooling plates round up.

GhostPillow sizes and prices

The Faux Down GhostPillow is only available in queen size, which you can see in the price table below. Click on any of the coupons in this article to save.

The price shown is before discount or offer for any size.

size Dimensions price
queen 20 “x 30” x 7 “ $ 85

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Faux down GhostPillow

Faux down GhostPillow

The Faux Down GhostPillow has the soft, cozy feel of down with the added benefit of being hypoallergenic and antimicrobial!

My final thoughts on the Faux Down GhostPillow

Well, we have come to the end of my review. In summary, I think the Faux Down GhostPillow is a great cooling pad that should appeal Side sleepers and back sleepers. It has the soft and malleable feel of down, with the added benefits of being antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

The two groups that I think should avoid this pillow are Stomach sleeperwho should opt for a much lower loft pillow, and those with neck painwhich I think would perform better on a sturdy foam block pillow you can find in ours best pillow for neck pain round up.

GhostPillowPillow Policies and FAQs

How is the Faux Down GhostPillow shipped?

GhostBed offers free shipping.

Does the Faux Down GhostPillow come with a trial period?

Yes, GhostBed offers a 101 night sleep test.

Does the Faux Down GhostPillow have a guarantee?

Yes, GhostBed offers a 5 year guarantee.

Is the Faux Down GhostPillow machine washable?

The entire pillow is machine washable! GhostBed recommends washing it in cold water with a mild detergent and drying it with a tennis ball to loosen it up again.

Faux Down GhostPillow Vs

When you’re looking at the Faux Down GhostPillow, it’s a good idea to compare it to some popular pillows from other bedding manufacturers. Below, I’ll show how it fares against one of its top competitors: the Casper pillow.

Faux down GhostPillow vs Casper pillow

  • Both pillows use a Microfiber filling that mimics the feel of downwithout the use of feathers.
  • That The Casper pillow is a little higher and offers a little more support.
  • That GhostPillow Faux Down is a little more expensive than the Casper pillow.
  • Find out more in my full Casper pillow review.

Other products from GhostBed

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Check out how the Faux Down GhostPillow fared in our star rating table below!

  • materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • worth
  • cooling
  • Court hearing
  • guarantee

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